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    Be Wiser, Be the Control

    Prepare for the "Davey Hammer"

    It takes more to hate, more to constantly be sad and angry, you have the ability to change how you feel and interact with the world, but you'll fight every good part about changing just to remain miserable because miserable is known and known is comfortable. But, its like voting. . can you really honestly bitch about a president fucking up when you didn't even vote for a president. Yes , but also you did nothing to prevent (Insert currently hated politician here) from getting there so congratulations AFC.

    I read alot, all these "Get the girl with just three words" BS all over the internet, its everywhere. If it truly were as simple as three words , do you think you would be reading this?

    Its not easy, it straight hurts often to transition from chum to champ. But, its a a small pain for a asset that will forever be with you. Honestly, you can dress like a bum and get laid, I did it. But, although you are getting laid, what type of girls sleeps with bums. I think its safe to assume momma don't know about them.

    If you complain about being heavy, then aren't you just stating that you are unhappy about yourself to the point of seeking anothers approval of you to avoid "Change" and thus avoid it stating the typical "Nice guys finish last melodrama bs yada" things that everybody else obviously does already.

    Are you catching on to the actual message ?

    The best investment is you.

    Every single good thing you do for yourself builds how fulfilled you will feel with life. Getting in shape ? Longer sex, better health, looking better? Jee that sounds horrible D:

    Its in you're head, you aren't lacking . . you aren't paying attention !

    Listen to "How" words are used just as opposed to "Reacting" to them and see how fast you start picking up on girls innuendo. Another great thing is "Insinuation" , if you don't know about it LEARN NOW!

    I notice , I walk away from conversations when I feel like it. I don't feel obligated having to give a group a set amout of my life. That's a freedom you learn from this , you aren't obligated and either are they. . but you can obligate them for a night (Wink)

    Be unattached to needing something to happen from this , you don't need to get laid turns into actually getting laid because you took the desperation , need, validation , stalking tendencies away. Don't get this mixed up with not being sexual , you want to put you're poko in her hole.

    unattached - Being sexual ?

    unattached - Refers to not needing a validating factor to feel validated.

    Being sexual - Means not sitting there listening to her problems (Wondering how glorious her skin feels) pretending to listen becaustrust = Sex right?

    Wrong! Girls don't fuck there brothers , think about that for awhile.

    If you are after a girl , but do not constantly touch her. . what are you doing man! How do you kiss without lips touching ? O_o

    You have a penis, start saying I'm a guy and I'll always be a guy and live to that everyday.

    If you want the best advice I ever got here it is

    "Its all in you're head, right before you even walked out of you're door" When you learn this , you'll be writing this instead of me.


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    Be Wiser, Be the Control

    Unfortunantly, I have asked numerous times not for my posts to be put into this section. No one contributes to these threads, I feel I am wasting my time anymore. This was NOT a inner game thread. I don't want to write here if no one contributes VA . Sorry

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    Be Wiser, Be the Control

    Good post brother. Needed to hear this today.

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    Be Wiser, Be the Control

    Appreciate it, good to know someones reading

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    Be Wiser, Be the Control

    Yup. I enjoyed the read too

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