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    Should i call a girl to confirm?'?

    Well, I met 2 girls (from diferent sets) last week, I got their phone numbers... Then I call the first girl and I invite her to a bar, and she told me yes but that she will connfirm me. The second girl told yes, but when I asked for the hour she told me, "I text you".

    So, my question is the following: I am almost sure that they are not going to call me (they'll forget it) So, should i call them to ask wheather they are gonna come???? I think that the second girl was particulary interested, but i dont think that she is gonna confirm me.

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    Should i call a girl to confirm?'?

    Ah, and another question... If they tell me NO! Is it good if i suplicate, in which way should i suplicate, since I believe that if they are gonna tell me no, its worth trying before forgetting them forever

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