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    First number close with HB9

    Hello ello,

    I run some game today. Actually it pretty sux because "only" 4 approaches. Tomorrow I will go out sooner to do more.

    Anyway I started using my own canned material. As Mystery said before, "it will pretty sux for good 12 times, but after week or two - that's a tight routine". I proven it right. My routines approach after approach getting tighter.

    So I was today in one development meeting. It was about career. On the way there I noticed girl with gorgeus legs walking same way... I thought to myself "you know what do do. Don't try impress her" so I just pass her and get into the building. I wasn't even approach her. And I'm little peacocked (my scurf is habging on my neck to my knees, I have nice cowboy boots and 3 rings - 2 on my right hand and 1 on my left). I entered to the building and I found the room where was meeting. When I sat there and wait for start, I noticed that she is getting into this room too. That was positive suprice for me, because it was option to open her after meeting. But then... she sat just next to me on my left! I discreet looked arround - there was free spots. She sat just next sit to me. I said to myself "OK...". But I didn't even show any interest. I didn't even looked at her. If I would rate her, I would rate her 9.1. She was really hot but not TV quality yet.

    So when meeting started, the guy who ran this meeting told us to work in pairs, so I worked with her. I (and I never didn't this before) used microcalibration. I don't know if you know what it means, but as far as I know, when she do something positive (like smile to me or laught of mine joke) I reward her. And if she do something bad, I "punish" her. Not physicaly of course, but with body language. So I played that too. During meeting I had chance do demonstrate some value and little negged her (I'm using same neg all the time - "you have something under your eye..."). And I played her that way.

    When meeting was getting to the end, I asked her is she have few moments because I need ask her one thing. She said sure but she is little hurry because she's going to the movies on date. I tryed look like I'm cool with that. After meeting she came to this guy which was running this meeting for some questions. In this time I opened 3-set and demonstrated higher value (about 3 minutes). I'm not sure if she saw that.

    When we get out of the building we little chat for a little bit. I negged her again (with same neg - it was funny). And, with slow and clear speach I built with her some connection. I told her why my parrents get divorced. Anyway when we had to part ways, I said to her something like:
    ME: you know, I hope we will continue this conversation
    SHE: Yes, me too
    ME: Hey, what we should do to not lose contact?
    SHE: well... maybe I just will give my number?
    ME: OK. Gime me yours. Or you know what - we will exchange. Fair?
    SHE: OK.
    ME: (during getting digits) I mean don't get me wrong...
    SHE: No, that's OK
    ME: OK. You have it (after I ring her)
    SHE: Yes. So we will discuss it on coffee some day
    ME: Sure Good bye.
    SHE: Good bye.

    And that was it Any feedback?

    PS. Notice that SHE proposed "coffee some day". I get that like pretty strong IOI.

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    First number close with HB9

    do you know why they say make X number of approaches per day? it's based on the frequency that the average girl gets hit on. her number is probably going to be higher than yours. this elevates the level of sociability in her mind, compared to yours. it's like doing any task a certain number of times, the more you do it, the better you will get, and the more comfortable you will be. do as many as possible and the likelihood of success will exponentiate.

    all you need to do is be able to talk to people (not just girls) without coming off as strange, or creepy. and in the back of your mind have a ton of little one liners or phrases that are funny and/or interesting. a little improv is always nice too.

    also, i'd stick to 2 rings max. one on your right index, and one on your ring finger. that being said, you still did a good job. now keep doing it.

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    First number close with HB9

    Thanks for feedback. I suppose that girls like her are hitting so often and have many options. That's why I was ignoring her at start and not look like it's a big deal.

    Frankly I just woke up and now I'm drinking coffee. I will listen some music and hit in field.

    About my rings, I gave one on my left thumb, one on my right thumb and one on my last finger. Plus necklace. And that's all about my accessories for now.

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    First number close with HB9

    Hi again,

    well - I called to her today. But she had busy phone. After a while she gave me a ring. So i called again and I setup a date with her tomorrow night. The thing is - I've never been in that scenerio before. I didn't had an date. Any feedbacks what I need to remember? I suppose that it's a good time for qualification (A3) and comfort with kino building?


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    First number close with HB9

    Have a couple of routines reading, the cube, Mystery's Peg memory system, or a couple of funny stories, some push pulls( example, before i met you, i thought you were a total bitch, but you're not!! You're absolutely cool.'' These are necessary in order to keep the date interesting right of at the beginning.

    Do your qualification...

    Next, have a couple of kino- escalation routines ready... example: thumb-wrestling, mirroring game, TV test( Mystery's routine), have a kiss close routine ready, example: Mystery's kiss close, Evolution Phase shift, ...

    Next, build rapport by chatting about things that are full of emotional content with her, example, her high school years, why she chose the career that she chose, best place she has traveled, senior trip, prom...

    After maybe an hour or two in the coffee shop, move her around, to visit the stores... first, to not come across as boring for sitting hours in coffee shop.
    Second, multiple venue change give her a sense that she knows you for a long time.

    Dinner, tell her about some restaurants a couple of blocks from your place that is really good! Take her there... after dinner offer to show her some magic tricks, show her how you play musical instruments( if you know), or anything interesting at your house. You need a reason for her go home with you( Do the offering somewhere late at night, example: (9:30pm or +). If she is willing to come, great! If she is not, tell her that it's late, so you offer to take her back to her place, this way she is safe.( protector of loved ones).
    If you went to her place, when you are at her door, tell her you really need to go to the bathroom, ask to borrow her bathroom, this is how you sneak into her house! Come out of the bathroom, make out with her, and seduce her if possible, if not, set up another date...

    1-If you need to avoid boring conversations, you can offer to show her some really funny videos on Youtube. If you don't know any, show her videos of pablo francisco, its funny and sexual, so you can end up having a sexual conversation with her after the videos.
    2- She's a HB9, full of options, yes, that is true! But you have more, because you are a PickUp Artist! You willing to give her your time, that is her privelege( think this way, and you will have no insecurity).
    3- Call her or shoot her a text early tomorrow, before she makes up some plans and forgot about you... sometimes, on the day of meetup, girls will have some plans and Oops, I can't hangout, sorry...

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    First number close with HB9

    Damn, I need to wake up early to prepare all of that We meet at 09:00 PM.
    2- She's a HB9, full of options, yes, that is true! But you have more, because you are a PickUp Artist! You willing to give her your time, that is her privelege( think this way, and you will have no insecurity).
    OMG, that's so self-confidence building Thanks alot for your feedback, you really helped!

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    First number close with HB9

    Hello ello,

    we've met yesterday. She was late 20 minutes. So I "invited her" by looking at her and not talking. She started with excauses and apologizes. I sayed to her that usually I'm waiting 15 minutes. Then I go. She apologizes about 5 minutes so I granted them. So we went to this pub. Noone was there, just us.

    I ran routines. At all I delivered switches with preselection, successfull risk taker, leader of man, well groomed and protector of lovedonces. Then I started qualification. I little played hard to get (bait-hook-reel-release) After that - kino. Little steps. But with that was much worse. I couldn't find reasons for kino. So only kino I ran was hand holding, holding (with release) and touching. I can tell (by hand holding) that at start she was nervous, but later it was better. I hold her hands few times.

    Anyway, after few IOIs from her and commonalities between us (which I marked to her on our conversation) - I ran Mystery Kiss Tactic. But frankly I stuck in there. Because this tactic includes 3 options (yes, no, not here). So when I asked her, she was supriced and confused, I can tell. She answered something like "I don't know. I think it's too early for that...". I had no idea what next. So I said "Oh that's ok" and I back to building comfort. But damn, I need work on kino. When we left the place, we did arm in arm and I walk her over her home. And then, this akward moment... Kiss her or not. I did move but I pointed it on her cheek and we hold. Yesterday she mantioned that she wanna go today with me again.

    Any feedbacks?

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    First number close with HB9

    Great, first of all, congratulations for the day2. And at least you did some kino...

    Mystery's kiss close... you don't ask a girl ''would you like to kiss me?'' then pause a couple of seconds to let her respond, or wait til she says yes. This is very hard for a girl to say yes to kiss, it's the same thing of having a girl admitting she's slutty/addicted to sex. Her need of having social value is more important than her need to make love and get laid(Google the article Anti-slut defense for learn this psychology). Therefore, it's very rare to have a girl say yes to kiss/ fuck me.

    What you expect out of this gambit is have her look unsure(hmm.. i don't know), then you say,'' alright, let's find out.'' Move in slowly, this will give her the time to reject you, if she doesn't move away, then you kiss her. Be the first one to finish the kissing, then move out, let her want more.... So, you say,'' Alright, only one, don't be greedy'', later when she say sth wise/sth you like, reward her by kissing her more

    What you can also try next time, is to get her horny by talking about sex with her... Tell her some funny sex stories that either you heard, or happened to you...
    Example: I was in fifth grade, everyone was chatting, one student said the word PENIS out of nowhere. Everyone was laughing,then my teacher said,''Very funny huh?'' Then, he had the whole class say the word PENIS together until it's not funny. So, there's 40people in the class shouting at the same time... PENIS,PENIS,PENIS(pull out your index finger,like when the crowd say OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA). Then,the principle of the school walked by, and saw 40kids shouting PENIS,PENIS,PENIS

    Tell a couple more of these...kino her more(make excuse to touch her hair,smell her neck, massage her neck, hug her long...) Then do Mystery's kiss close again, or the ''So, on a scale of 1-10,how good of a kisser are you?
    After you've done that, spend some time with her, and try to seduce her=]

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    First number close with HB9

    Thank you for feedback. I did akso hair pulling. We planning meet in next week. But here is the thing.

    Yesterday we planned meet eachother again. But on my way there, she texted me that she need to stay longer in work but we can meet in next week. I though "shit... yesterday she was late about 20 minutes, now this..." and I recognized that like shit test. So i "punished" her saying that next time she need to be sure if she have free time or not. And also that I'm unsure about next week because I have development meetings. I will let her know in days. I did good thing or bad thing? If bad what I should do in this scenerio? And one more thing - phone game and text game - any advices?

    Thank you.

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    First number close with HB9

    First of all, good job man!

    I'm a beginner PUA but I think when she said "I don't know... Its too early for that" when you tried to kiss close, I think you could've said "Oh I didn't said you can/should, just seemd like something you got on your mind" and if she would've looked at you confused, then you could've contiuned with " you seem nervous, keep talking! " at least thats what I would've done.

    I'm not sure if you did a good or a bad job with that punishment, but either way I think you can get away with it pretty easly so don't worry...

    .. BUT I've got a pretty good advise for you for the next date. This is one of Adam Lyons' stuff (love that guy! lol)
    Setup a date on a day you're free.. then, on that day in the morning, just text her saying: "I'll be 5 mins late"
    If she says she can't make it, then its up to you if you're gonna keep trying or not. (I personally wouldn't, unless she comes up with a fantasticly reason)
    If she says "Ok, I meet you there, same place!" than you're good to go!

    If you're intersted here is the link of Adam Lyons explaining it, you should watch it, this guy is amazing!

    Keep sarging!

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