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    Friends girlfriends

    The majority of my friends are guys and I've had girls in my friend group quite a few times but never experienced this... Basically I've moved into another group of friends several of which have girlfriends... I've never really moved into another group completely before so its sort of bizarre to me but is it normal for the girls to all give IOIs?
    I haven't really spoke to 1 of them properly yet and 1 of them not at all, but when i have she IOId me (laughing way too loud at jokes etc.) the 1 i haven't spoke to yet maintains eye contact for a long time and stuck around while i was waiting for food while all her friends and bf were waiting outside(i assume she wanted me to start a conversation) and 1 of the gfs I've spoken to quite a bit kinos alot and tries to build rapport with me more than anyone in the group even if new people turn up(to the extent that i think her bf was actually getting suspicious of it).
    As far as i know my friends in the group DHVed me alot before i actually started hanging around with them and i just assumed that was what was causing it but i just want some clarification, also was wondering if anyone had tips of dealing with it?... since I've learned about IOIs and stuff its became really awkward for me whenever the girls are giving them in front of their bfs.

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    Friends girlfriends


    Itís not all that unusual to receive IOIs from your friends girlfriends. Like you said, you were DHVed alot, and many women give off IOIs unintentionally to the male with the highest value. Also, some may be trying to make their significant other jealous. There may be a shit-test factor involve, giving you IOIs to see how strong your reality is. And of course, some women are very bubbly and flirtatious, which is why your friends started dating them in the first place. Or you can be receiving IOIs, but they are trying to be friendly to their boyfriend's new friend.

    Of course I don't think itís appropriate behavior for my girlfriend to flirt with my friends, particularly in front of me. But there is a significant difference between an IOI and flirting. Smiling and laughing at my friends stupid jokes is an IOI. Touching is flirting. Determine which is which in this case.

    Advice, ignore it. Live in your own reality. Also, you may their interest in you to generate social proof with any targets you have in the group, or use them as pivots in-field.


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    Friends girlfriends

    i don't recommend looking into this... you'll lose your friends quick if you start hitting on their gf's.

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    Friends girlfriends

    Thanks for replies

    and i wasn't looking into it with that in mind at all dude that's why it was bothering me i don't want my friends to be unnecessarily suspicious of me because of their gfs.

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