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    gaming latinas online

    Hello Bros,

    Sorry for not being around recently. I have just moved to Spain from Italy, and I'm actually in England at the time of writing.

    Okay so, in a nutshell, I've been gaming Italian girls and foreign tourists in Rome (not online) for a couple of years now (although I have been in relationships for about 17 months in total), and I am not doing too badly, although admittedly there is still work to be done.

    Since I came to Spain, I find the girls generally friendly and receptive, however there is the obvious problem of a language barrier (I'm fluent in Italian but my Spanish is far from perfect).

    Since I adore Latin American women, I've decided to start gaming them online, firstlyfir because I may go travelling there at some point, and secondly to practice my Spanish, and therefore help me with my day/night game.

    I'm using the Spanish language network tuenti (it's a social networking site, not a dating site).

    Anyway, as I am a bit new to online pickup altogether, perhaps you guys could enlighten me with perhaps one of the most obvious questions:

    One of the most common things that happens after I add a girl, is she responds to my first IMs with "quien eres?" (who is this?)

    I would love to just say I'm PUA and I like talking to people and practicing my Spanish, but that would just be too logical for a woman's brain obviously. Any better ideas?

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    gaming latinas online

    You're adding them on which site?

    Most dating sites don't have friends lists... some do but which site are you talking about?

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