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    weak short FR and: How do you interpret drunk girl IOIs?

    I’m in the Dominican Republic on vacation. About 1 out of 3-4 tourists hear speak English. I’m walking down toward the beach and this girl ends up walking alongside of me. I don’t look at her and I hear “Hi!” I’m thinking wtf and I turn at her and pickup mode is ON.

    Me: Hey how ya doin?
    Now, I am NOT good looking, I was NOT in state, I did NOT have social proof… I have no idea why the hell this girl opened me, anyway
    Her: good…
    Both of us: So you speak English?
    Me: Awesome, high five!
    And I put up my hand to high five. She puts her hand down for me to give her a low five
    Me: NO! put it UP!
    She puts it up and I smack it. It’s a funny little routine I got from my friend J.
    Her: I didn’t want to put it up because I haven’t shaved
    Me: That’s kind of gross.
    Her: haha
    NOTE: I DO NOT look at her while saying that. Explanation at bottom
    Me: So are you English or American?
    Her: Actually I’m Canadian
    Me: Oh that’s the worst out of the three!
    Her: Whaaa
    Me: you have terrible weather all year round so you have to come down here for vacation
    Her: What are you talking about
    Me: I know this girl from Canada who plays hockey all year round, you can’t play hockey in nice weather
    Her: so where are you from?
    Me: Take a guess.
    Her: America
    Me: yep
    The whole way down, we kept on making incidental arm kino from walking so close to each other. At this point I’m so fucking confused as to why this chick is IOI-ing me (this is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever spoken to), want to figure out what kind of logistics there are, so I stop at a fork in the road, (she also stops with me… IOI) I turn to her and say
    Me: So who are you here with?
    This was a tactical error for several reasons
    Her: With my husband. We got married a week ago and we’re here for two weeks
    Pickup mode off. My subconscious threw me for a whirlwind; it’s not yet in my reality to pick up wives.
    Me: Oh I thought you said HE got married a week ago I was like ????
    Note: I seem to do this a lot in conversations with girls, where I mishear what they say and then tell them what I misheard. I’m going to weed this out, it’s along the lines of TD’s 25 points being too eager to hear what they’re saying.
    Her: I’m going to go cancel our massages now
    Me: why?
    Her: We’re so drunk we won’t remember them
    Now I guess I understand the opening and the IOI’s… but I’m still not sure how to interpret drunk girl IOIs. Also, I keep on wanting to ask for her name, but I make myself refrain from giving her that IOI. She apparently felt the same desire:
    Her: So what part of America are you from?
    Me: Jersey
    Her: oh really! If you were from the south I would be like :- but since you’re not, I kinda feel more of a connection with you.
    Where the fuck are all these IOI’s fucking coming from, there is NO reason for them. I’m still rattled from the husband thing and I eject and then I go cry about my chodiness for hours.

    I’ve been thinking and observing about this for a while. When making jokes or cocky/funny comments, don’t make eye contact with the target. It comes across very reaction seeking; imagine hanging with kids who are younger/lower value than you; you just make jokes and don’t really make eye contact with them and they laugh from submissiveness and rapport-seeking. It also has something to do with TD’s idea of fractionation, where you hit the girl’s BT spike and immediately turn away so that 1) they don’t think you’re going to take advantage of their spiked BT 2) they’re afraid of losing you. You can also see Mystery doing this several times in his newest video.

    What do you make of drunk IOI’s? Do you still take 3 IOIs and move into A3? I know the real test of the validity of IOIs is whether they respond properly when you qualify them, but in general for escalation through the 9 steps with a drunk girl, do you just act as if they’re sober. I.e. do you count the same IOI's, or do you need more or stronger IOI's in order to see the girl is truly interested?

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    weak short FR and: How do you interpret drunk girl IOIs?

    dude, i dont think you should be worrying about IOI when they are completely drunk. Fool's mate should solve the problem lol

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