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    Is there anybody out there who managed to overcome their deppression become confident again and then also become a PUA???

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    Ofcourse man, I've never had a 'real' depression but have had bad moments in my life, the main question is how do you deal with these moments and recover yourself.

    My cure for recovering was just surrounding myself with people and socialize everywhere: in the libray, in the mall, in the city park, at university lectures.. I started going to the gym, be active in a student committee etc. etc.
    This was not an easy task for me as I used to be a very timid and shy guy, but as Susan Jeffers wrote: feel the fear and do it anyway ..

    Never forget that we are social creatures and are made for interacting with other human beings I am not a psychologist but I think that socializing with others would definitely help you becoming more confident, less depressed, and on your way of becoming a PUA.

    good luck .

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    Sweet, thanks I will definately work on just socializing as much as possible, my social skills have just gotten a bit rusty. Then after I'm up to speed I will really begin implementing tactics so i can get even better Hows your game nowadays man, after being a shy and timid guy?

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    yeaa just start with using the material available on this forum, in pick up books etc. After a while you'll start creating your own material that fits your own personality.
    My game nowadays is doing great, 'The Game'' was really an eye opener for me for improving my life, as AFC I used to have no game at all man, and its not just about getting girls.. if you are for example in a bar and just approach different people, guys and girls.. it's so much more fun then just hanging around with your ''afc' friends, staring at girls, getting drunk which usually ends up with going home alone...even if you didnt got lucky you at least met alot of new people that night, which can always work in your advantage later on, as the ladies like social guys.

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