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Thread: Chubby Face?

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    Chubby Face?

    I have sixpack and chest, but my face is still chubby. Especially under my chin there is a storage of fat, how do I get rid of this?

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    Chubby Face?

    Chew gum and excersice you face using facial warm up excercises

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    Chubby Face?

    It's probably something or things in your diet bro....

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    Chubby Face?

    Genetically different people accumulate fat differently. I have pretty low body fat (< 10%), but I can't get my back ripped. It's not a huge deal, but you may try tweaking your diet like has been suggested (cutting out certain foods, e.g.)

    I had great results cutting out processed carbs (went to mostly whole grains), including most non-natural sugar sources, but I was a bit out of shape at that point.

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    Chubby Face?

    Hi GoingDeep,

    Make sure you are very uncomfortable and can also affect the health of your future.

    Also you loose fat on your body from highest to lowest. So you'll actually see results in your face first working down to your neck and chest and so on. Although you'll loose fat from everywhere you just loose more from top to bottom so it takes longer if you say have fat calves to see the results you'll see in your face.

    Good luck for you!

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    bunty Guest

    Chubby Face?

    there are so many facial exercises you can perform but they are slow going. best way is it. start working out in a gym so that way the fat in your body decays.

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    Chubby Face?

    But as far as I know these are not good for health and causes many problems.

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    Chubby Face?

    I can recommended you the best and easy method to get rid of chubby face. You have to do Cardio Exercise for 20 or 30 minutes every day and that will surely helpful to you to get rid of chubby face in just 2 or 3 weeks.

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    Chubby Face?

    Chubby Face?

    Do you like to have chubby face. One of my friend told me that it looks to cute for my face but i don't think so. can you suggest me?

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