I was in a nightclub last night with my friend; loud house music and stuff.

I always find it hard to open sets in these venues because it's just too loud, but I guess it's all about picking the right moment and spot to approach(quiet spots and when the music is calmer).

It was kind of dead when we got there.

Took us some time to get in state since we went through some trouble to get in.
After a couple warm-up sets, I was leaning on the bar with my drink casually talking to my friend when I spotted a two-set to my right a guy and cute girl.
They seemed kind of bored. There was no kino between them and I concluded she was fair-game. I opened up the guy(disarm the obstacles first) while my friend talked to my target.

To my surprise, the guy was canadian and only spoke english; the girl too, she was american. I'm brazilian, just like my friend and everybody else in that club; we live in Sao Paulo. Luckily I'm very fluent. I felt like it was a unique opportunity to test the routines in it's pure form.

As I easily befriended the guy, my friend was struggling with his english, but doing a very decent job talking to my target.
After a couple minutes I noticed as he mentioned that I had been in Boston for the summer, and that I got expelled from Harvard(true story. turned it into a DHV.), and used that as my cue to switch with him.

her: What ?! You got expelled ?!
me: Yeah; it's true (I acted normal, matter-of-factly, holding my drink to my hip; which is the whole secret to conveying value with this harvard-expelled story).
her: How did you dooo thaat ?! What happened ?? (took this as an IOI. genuine interest.)
me: Oh well... I just didn't realize you americans made such a big deal out of alcohol. *subtly turned my body away, IOD(played hard to get)*

I told her the whole story, counted some IOI's and went on to A3, qualifying her.

me-bait: And what do YOU do ?
her-hook: I work for J.P. Morgan
me-reel: Oh ! That's awesome, I intend to sing up for a trainee over there.*kino escalated with a high 5, release: body rocked as an IOD*

I started multiple threading my way to C1, throwing in some slight DHV spikes and kino through natural conversation. I felt like my interest in her was justified.

By this time, the guy and my friend had left us alone. Magnificently isolated. I had my arm around her at some points and she was complying with everything, but was still showing some slight resistance. I didn't care about it, and would IOD her when she IOD'd me... nothing serious.

I decided to run the Cube routine on her. It was my first time doing it and I hadn't even planned or memorized it properly; I had no idea about the proper delivery too. But to hell with. I wanted to know more about her. I like trying new things.

I told her we'd play a little game. As I was doing it she was suspicious. But she was also curious. She followed along willingly.
In the end I said to her
me: OK, you wanna know what all of this means ?
her: Yeaahh *smile*
me: alright. It means nothing !!
her: I knew it !! *laughing*
me: I'm kidding... here it is...

So I went on to read the info she told me. The routine wasn't 100% perfect and she didn't completely buy into my reading, but she enjoyed it.

By this time we were sharing the same drink and were pretty comfortable with each other and having fun. I had counted numerous IOI's and when I stopped talking, she would reinitiate the conversation with "So..." . I knew what that meant. It's time for the kiss-close.

And this is where the problem emerged.
I'm adept of the indirect kissing gambits, so I went on to kiss her cheek and look her in the eyes and this kind of stuff. She was reluctant.
I could see it clearly in her body language. I was trying to figure out where the problem was.
We had comfort, we had kino, I had her interest.
She then gave me the answer to that problem, without me asking:
her: I'm too old for you.

Shit... I'm 18, look 16 and she thought I was 20.
She was 26.
I tried telling her about how I don't care about this kind of stuff, that these labels shouldn't stop two people who like each other being together. And I wasn't lying.
Still, she didn't give in.

We were hugging and I was holding her hips but she just wasn't going to kiss me. She was a little nerdy(her own words). I didn't know how to turn it around.

So I didn't.

After some time she went looking for her friend and I went looking for mine.
We agreed to meet again later.

Still, she didn't put off. It felt like a fucking LMR or something.

I think I could've turned it around, but instead I think I made a big deal out of it. Probably cause I really thought she was being silly.

I don't wanna go through this again; but I guess it's part of the game.

What would you guys have done in my place ?