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    Got a hired gun to leave with me the night I met her. We made out, but she kept objecting when I tried to push forward. We started texting but she flaked on me. What's a good way to handle this?

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    There's no way to be sure without more information; but if a girl flakes out too much, it's a sure sign that you should move on. Find another woman. Otherwise, you might go without texting her for a week or so. Then out of the blue, text her and say,"I have something very important to ask you Call me" When she calls say,"Why aren't we planning to go out?" Don't let her get by with just texting "Ask me what?" Respond with, "Call me" If she doesn't call, you're probably wasting your time with her.
    This could also work at the place you originally picked her up from. Come in and don't act disturbed. Let her see you as a fun and confident guy. Then tell her you're going to a movie, pool party, etc., and want to invite her along.

    Good luck vampire

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