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    How do you stack routines?

    I can give a DHV story and it will be great and all but once its done, sometimes its silent between me and the target. Is DHVing not just storytelling with attraction spikes in them? cuz I mean i can say other stories but they're a way different topic. Advice/Tips?

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    How do you stack routines?

    Hey Hi-Hat,

    Rather than telling one story from beginning to end, then another story, and then another or maybe a qualification question, etc, stack your routines by multithreading to different topics/stories midway through your current story. This helps you prevent that lull in the conversation that occurs when one thread comes to a halt and both parties have to search for something new to talk about. Think about how a conversation flows when you're hanging out with your friends: one person talks about something, then someone else adds something, then maybe you have something related to that to talk about, and eventually you come back to the original topic and finish what you were saying before, or maybe you don't because the conversation has moved in an entirely different direction.

    In the field it should be the same way, except we should have a little more control over where the conversation goes. Remember that the purpose of a DHV story is to create attraction so that you can qualify her and build compliance and get to the next stage. So rather than telling one story from beginning to end, and then telling the next story, you should be telling a story that allows you to segue into a qualification line or build some kino before you hit that moment of silence.

    For instance, I have a DHV story about a roadtrip I took with my wingman Packer last year. As I tell the story I convey DHVs and build up anticipation for the punchline/buying temperature spike at the end, but then cut the thread midway through and ask a light qualification question like "Can you drive? Can you drive stick? You look like one of those girls that gets crazy road rage." and so on. Depending on her response I can build kino, launch into a roleplay about travelling, or even go into another DHV story (like my Bucket List) if I want to. And no matter what, I still have my original thread to go back to if I ever run out of things to say or if I need a reason to re-engage her. Even if I never finish the story (which will happen a lot) I can always say "Oh man we have SO MANY things we have to talk about!" as I go for the number close.

    Hope that helps brother!

    Happy sarging,


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    How do you stack routines?

    Ohhh ok, kool thanks! i understand it more, when you're telling a story or talking, threads will come up and go onto those. You don't have to finish the story. Also add kino when you're telling the story that pertains to the story. This helps alot, appreciate it Prophet!

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