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    I read that to speak loudly without straining your voice, you must access your lowest resonator, in the lower belly, the problem is that I can't seem to access it, it may be because i worked on my abs too much (since I am an athlete), i heard that can be an obstacle.
    any help?

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    Hey 121,

    Good job on working your abs! It shouldn't affect your resonators though, as your lowest resonator is your chest, not your belly. I think people say belly because it feels like the "o" or "u" vowel sounds are vibrating at the bottom of your upper chest (as opposed to "e" and "i" sounds which vibrate in your skull/face). According to a lot of theatre people I know, the best way to project your voice as a man is to speak from your chest, but imagine as if you are trying to project your voice backwards instead of forwards. Practice it both ways and you should feel and hear the difference.

    Happy sarging,


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    O shoot thanks man! I just tried that and it works perfectly haha!

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