the girl is an ex...she wanted to try something again so we decided to hang out. my head was clouded and i wasnt myself. the night went really fucking bad. i apologized the next day and yea she wasnt happy at all. she said i should move on etc.

my ex was kinda mad i was hanging out with this other girl before dinner....yea i really fucked up by telling her that.

so i tell her "yeah i wasnt myself" and apologize. we talk about it some more but never get to finish the convo.

she's pretty stubborn. plus she has been talking to this other guy which also turned me off when we were hanging. basically, she isnt talking to me anymore. im pretty sure shes ignoring me.

i chatted her on facebook and she stopped responding cuz she was on the phone and then just signed off. we've been on facebook at the same time and she hasnt messaged me...she'd normally do message me first.

i can't tell if she's waiting for me to open cuz she's annoyed or she just doesnt want to talk.

i dont wanna message her cuz i fear id coming off as needy. i also dont wanna loose this opportunity to mend things..cuz im pretty good at that.