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    I'm sure something similar has been posted on this. I'm horribly inexperienced, relative to everything else, when it comes to dating. Very picky about who I date, and haven't had much time for it.

    That being said, I have little knowledge of what I'm doing when it comes to that point.

    I've been going out with this girl for approximately a month now. We've been on 6 dates, have had a blast each time, have slept together, and she isn't using me for anything other than a good time. Last time we hung out, we were at a bar, I got drunk, and told her something about liking her. Nothing overbearing, but beyond fuck buddy, for sure.

    The next day, we're texting, and she tells me that she thinks I should know that she isn't looking for any commitment, and that she isn't in a place in her life where she wants to date.

    The problem is, I've had girls I just sleep with, and I'm not willing to put this one in that category just yet. How do I get her to see me as dating material?

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    This sounds like you want to try to change what she wants. You can't.

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    Jubeanation is right to an extent...You can definitely change what she wants to a degree with reframing what she has told you about herself and placing you as that ideal image she has for her life. Its rather difficult to begin with and when I have convinced women to date me using "game" or "NLP" the LTR has NEVER worked out for me in the long run as I am not married haha. Best of luck this is a common problem and I have learned the best course of action is to just let these ones go as hard as it is sometimes. The investment of your time is painful enough, but the emotional investment can be even worse if you continue down that road. If your really interested PM me and I'll give you the basic rundown of what can be done, but no promises my best advice is to give her a soft next

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    If she's really into you she'll play along. I'd say don't overbear by asking her out too much or conveying anything of that sort of you two dating. Keep it simple. Hang out. Be the man. Fuck her.

    If she likes you enough she'll hint about being exclusive with you. Respect her wishes. Woman need time. Strangely, and I just noticed... Men want to be exclusive more so than women? Lol.

    Anyways, play your cards right, she'll follow along.

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    any one sharing datng tips.and how to interact with to choose best sex partner

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