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    Disqualification Theory?

    definitely seems like you played it well. and no girl will turn down getting a good body. so no matter what you hold the power in the dynamic.

    goos stuff mate

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    Disqualification Theory?

    Yeah I think so, Ill update this in a couple of days with what progresses out of it.

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    Disqualification Theory?

    UPDATE: First off Carlton its funny you said "playful banter" because she used those same exact words to describe our relationship and what she likes about it. Anyhow the silent treatment last just a little over a whopping 48 hours before HB10 BLOWS my phone up 5 missed calls on tuesday night at 12am! She was apparently freaking out cause she knows I'm awake and that the gym is closed she was still out of town on her way back haha. So she thought I was up to no good which if I was shouldn't concern her since shes not my gf. Anyhow I didn't call her back the next morning comes a long another missed called a long with another 4 text messages trying to get a hold of me. I finally call her back she doesn't answer cause shes at work so I leave a funny message cut myself off halfway to lead to her thinking about me by hanging up mid sentence. Getting to the point we meet up last night to workout shes all over me hugging me and not letting go etc etc. Very flirty answering all my qualifying questions and trying to beat my disqualification questions and I already knew shes attracted to me so I didn't keep this up long I went more into comfort and rapport/NLP towards the end. We get to her car after and she gives me another long hug and laying on me, essentially she refuses to kiss me after numerous IOI's which I find absurd not acting like a skipped a beat I reply with" How RUDE I was just trying to be a gentlemen and give you a kiss good night" Anyhow this girl is being given an ultimatum the next time we hangout since shes admitted to being attracted to me and told me she likes me a lot, if the dozens of crazy things she does to get ahold of me/hangout with me aren't any indicator shes said it as well. I'm basically going to have the talk -hook up with me / date me or I leave FOREVER lol, let me know what you gentlemen think! Thanks in advance.

    Happy Sarging, The-Truth

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    Disqualification Theory?

    Quote Originally Posted by The-Truth View Post
    I'm curious if I showed to much interest? Or what would cause a women to from point A to point B then back to point A ? o
    Girls kiss like water falls from the sky. No big deal, doesn't mean a thing. In other words you never made it to point B man.

    There is a window of oppurtunity with every girl and once it closes it's over. So close fast and close quick.

    ultimatums are too verbal, to logical for this emotional playing field, "Have sex with me or I walk away!" doesn't play to well. You can do this non verbally freez out etc.

    Good: not letting people walk all over you but consider not taking it quite so far. Abundance means you can indulge the occasional emotional outburst from her without calling her rude. Jeez I just read a post on here about calling girls out on there shit through frame control, wish I could remember...

    Also, how was your kino? Very important you frame the relationship sexually from the get go and catch that window.

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    Disqualification Theory?

    @ The - Truth

    LMFAO bro LOL he said I'll show you how important you are "click" lmao

    Ya you never needed advice, that's effen awesome bro. You totally flipped the script on her on the LJBF bullshit I'm glad for you stood up and are being a man not taking her shit. Nice to hear about when I got so many friends bending ass backwards over for women and then they treat em like shit...

    keep updating us what happens

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    Disqualification Theory?

    HAHA Urijah I'm glad your amused brother. She WILL NOT get over the fact that I did this to her as well she brings up every time we hangout. Its awesome my game has been reaching a crescendo, life is good. Its funny cause I tell people on here ALL the time whats the difference between the guy dating HB8's and HB10's ? The secret... not giving a shit and having balls. Hb10's want a guy who can put them in there place and not put up with there bullshit all the time and not supplicate/be there bitch cause 99% of guys will just tell them how pretty and amazing they are. Its sad to see but happens ALL the time. At the same time HB10's want a gentlemen at the heart of things.

    Alacrity- I ended up not giving her an ultimatum, but getting a clearer understanding of what it is she wants. We didn't finish this conversation but it was going well when I ended it because of time constraints. But regardless I'm not overly concerned at the moment as I've got lots of options and being friends with an HB10 doesn't hurt me much either I'll use her to raise DHV and piggyback(act like I'm with her) her every weekend and fuck 10 other HB10's haha so its all good. My kino is VERY strong with her she knows and reciprocates by pretending to grab my dick or touching my leg, or brushing up against it a lot. So Kino isn't a problem this girl is a just a tough nut to crack. She wont sleep with guys unless they've been dating for awhile so I've been framing this part of talks around how it seems like we've known each other SOOO long lol. I know the problem is more with the comfort side of things and not attraction. So that's what I've been working on and its been progressing well.

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