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    Okay here's the situation I've been talking to this HB 9 for awhile now. We hangout nearly daily cause we workout together. We have been kissing and going on little dates nothing to serious yet. So I asked her if she was going out tonight she replied no I dont want to go out tonight. I told her I was for sure going out she should come out and join us if she changes her mind. Well just so happens she does come out, comes to the same club I'm at with my friends with a large group of her friends girls and guys. Ends up showing very little interest and I end up leaving because the bouncer basically kicked me out for no reason? So my friends and I all leave go to a different bar where she ends up at as well we talk for a little bit but she was acting nervous almost aloof because she was with another guy whom I've met before, well the 4 (her and her friend and the 2 guys) of them end up leaving the bar together I see this as I'm shooting the shit with my boys on the back patio of this club. Might I add I this girl is totally into me EVERY where else we go (gym, her house, hiking, running, to dinner or whatever) I'd also like to add this girl was texting me up until about 8 pm when she stopped responding not a big deal but I get a text at about 130 am saying "Sorry I left my phone in my Car!". I didn't reply. Well now for the question I have for the seduction community, I'm suppose to go on a date with this same girl tomorrow!!! I'm quite upset with the way she acted and would like suggestions as to what to say or do? I'd also like to add this is not a case of oneitis I hangout and game multiple women. Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    My advice? Let it go. Why? Because you did not ask her out, you just invited her to join you. You never invited her to be with you. Think this from her perspective. You asked HER to call you if she was interested. You did not care to invite her to be with you. Obviously, she thought you did not care that much to spend time with her. If she is interested in you, she will never join you . She will think she is bothering you. YOU have to invite her and go pick her up. Next week actually invite her. If she says NO, then forget about her. If she says YES (which I think she will according to what you say) you will have your answer.

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    where you the flame?

    where you the obvious leader of fun amongst your entire group?

    I could be wrong.....but I bet you weren't

    I've had those situations in the past, and thats what I DID NOT do....and I lost the girls interest

    but I learned my lesson! so learn yours!

    you were NOT disrespected.....she is not your girlfriend, so get over it and don't be sour on your little date.....

    because if you are she will feel it....and if you are not will 'magically' get to see less and less of her

    consider it a learning lesson that next time you need to be the flame when out in a situation like that

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    Usually I am the "flame" the moment this all happened I had just gotten kicked out of the club, or not allowed back in (which enraged me cause I'm friends with the owner) which fucked my whole mood up I went from being fun, life of the party and relaxed-to pissed off and uptight. So I should have just went home lol I was essentially useless for picking up women with the mindset I was in. My date went as planned. I found out the reason this girl has been acting up. Two things- showing to much interest( so she will be seeing less of me) and secondly me not giving her enough compliments. Because shes very lippy so she gets negged and push-pulled a lot. So what I did yesterday was push pull a bit more genteelly which she reciprocated towards much more. Thanks for the help subzero!!!

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