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    its hard to find wings

    I have posted on this board and and while i have found some people. its not enough people. I still end up having weekends where i dont go out at all.

    And a lot of the people I have found, dont understand the core concepts of attraction. For instance, people from RSD have a way different strait forward approach compared to what mystery method teaches.

    none of my regular group of friends understand this stuff.

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    its hard to find wings

    Don't look for wings look for friends. Meet people at groups that share other interests and have them go clubbing with you.

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    its hard to find wings

    I think Jubeanation makes a good point. Mystery also made a good point: go out alone. You want to earn yourself some street cred, do it the old fashioned way. Walk into a room like you own it--ALONE. Since you're alone, opening sets is required since you don't want to be the douche in the corner nodding to the music holding your drink at shoulder height lol. Wings are a luxury, not a necessity.

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    its hard to find wings

    happy medium - accomplishment intro

    you can do this with just a friend who is not very game aware actually!

    just teach them one little thing.....

    the accomplishment intro

    even if your friends game kinda sucks, if they know how to give you a good accomplishment intro.....that can get you laid!

    plus it goes the other way around, you can get your bud laid by setting the stage of how cool a guy your friend is

    just put some work into a good AI for you and a good AI for him

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