Hi there.

So I'm gay and until a couple of months ago I was fairly insecure. I didn't think much of myself, I had been bullied all through school, and I was extremely intimidated by the whole gay party/nightclub scene. I didn't think it was for me.

Then my straight housemate turned me on to The Game and MM. He had been using it to great effect himself, as evidenced by the noises coming from his room most weekends. :P Reading about the methods gave me a lot of confidence. As a programmer by profession, viewing the picking up of guys as a problem to be solved or a system to be gamed held a lot of appeal.

And yes, the methods (as far as I can tell) are totally reversible. Reading about the female PUAs here contributed a lot to my own particular method.

So eventually I had to go out sarging and put it into practice, right? I had peacocked myself out, my straight housemate had come along as a my wingman. I was sending out all of the signals, but nothing was happening. I was ignored, and everyone I tried to talk to turned away in a couple of seconds.

I was about to give up when, in a fit of pique, I started blaming my wingman. I guess I got too drunk and started blaming him (and his insecurity about being in a gay bar) for everything that had gone wrong. I was negging him pretty hard and I guess in that environment, he didn't want to be left alone. So we ended up leaving together, even though at that point, we hated each others guts.

Back at our place, we almost came to blows. It would prolly have looked pretty funny. Two nerdy drunk guys attempting to hit each other lol. To try to get him to stop and calm down, I started using some half remembered NLP tricks, like DHV and IVD. Just basic stuff, but it worked a treat. I guess I must have come on too strong though because next thing I knew, he was in my arms and it had gone from a C1 to S1 faster than i thought possible.

We moved into my room (lol I practically dragged him). In bed together, there was some LMR, but we both knew he wanted it. I won't get into the details with such a straight audience here.

But it was my first night out on the game, and my first F-close! I'm counting it as a victory, but it's been a couple days now and my roommate is stil acting awkward around me.
Any tips on a follow-up?