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    Opportunistic street pick up

    This pick up was a bit different and quite fun for me so I thought I'd share it with you.

    I'm walking through the town, it's early evening, the sun has just set and it's getting a bit dark. I turn a corner, I hear the click click click of heels behind me. They get louder, the girl is walking faster than me.

    She is singing quietly to herself. I turn around and smile. Wow, she is hot

    "Wooooow" I say, "nice singing!"

    "Oh man, that is so embarassing, i can't believe you heard me."

    "Yeh! I thought for a second I was in one of those movies, you know, where the person walking down a dark street hears somebody behind them, walking faster and faster... It was all getting a bit creepy, but then you started to sing! And what a voice! What was it you were singing again?"

    "Haha, well I was just making it up actually! (she is really embarassed at this point) Are you a student?"

    We have a nice walking conversation on the way to my car. I continue to tease her about her singing while DHVing. (She mentions where she lives so i tell her a story about myself and an exgirlfriend involving her area of town, I tell her about a sports tournament coming up which i have organised). I am throwing in FTCs about how I have to leave to get home and cook a delicious meal. She keeps asking me questions and is in no hurry to leave.

    I say that I must go but that we should continue our fantastic conversation at a later date. Why doesn't she give me her number? We swap numbers and I tease her for her extremely out of date phone, give her a hug and say goodbye.

    So, got the number close, but as we all know, numbers do not equal day 2s.

    I think this pick up went very well. I know from past experience I should have time bridged with the phone number, but I couldn't think of anything to invite her to that I was doing in the next week. Let that be a lesson to me - always be prepared!


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    Opportunistic street pick up

    Nice sarge

    I liked your sarge man.
    However, your mistake was taking your FTC so seriously that you
    actually believed it. That's why we call it "False".
    If the chick was all over you, You should have made an instadate
    right there or go for a more solid close. What better things did u
    have to do than making out w/ a hottie?
    With these kind of sarges u usually end up geting wood for not
    reaching higher stages of C.

    Keep it up man!


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    Opportunistic street pick up

    I was hungry, but you're totally right I should have asked her to grab some food with me! I've never been on an instadate before. Looking back, this would have been a perfect opportunity for one. Next time, I'll look for the instadate first and only timebridge if I have to.
    Thanks man.

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