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    Question about Confidence?

    Hey guys my name is Nick living in Chicago. Im 20 years old, and i was always pretty goodlooking. But recently like 2 weeks ago i got Dark circles under my eyes, like bags under the eye. Idk how i got it. Im trying right now a cream to get rid of it, but if not that than a Injection under the eye to get rid of it. But Do u guys think that will effect my game? I mean im still a pretty confident guy, im light skinned but under my eyes its a little darkish. Does that Matter you think? thanks alot.

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    Question about Confidence?

    If a little dark pouch under your eyes is the only chink in your'll be fine.

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    Question about Confidence?

    I wouldn't go straight into injecting crap into your eyes. That's serious biz. You could probably google it and find out there's a simple explanation for it; lack of sleep, change in diet, etc.

    Confidence goes well beyond that. There's guys who are successful with women who are overweight, balding, old, and god knows what else. Honestly if it affects your game it will be more because you're acting self conscious and it's crippling you than it would be about the dark eyes themselves. But either way, should be an easy fix I'd imagine?

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    Question about Confidence?

    thanks alot Redcase, well yeah its a quick fix, im gonna try a bleaching cream first so i can lighten the darkness, thats what the doctor told me, but yeah for now i just use a Concelear.

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