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    Need some advice please guys

    Ok, so im new to the game. Ive always had a good personality but never knew how to use it before.

    So theres this girl i've known for years, always found her attractive but always just been friends. Tonight she came round for a bit and we ended up going for a walk, so I decided to use some of the things I had learned from the community.

    I started to neg her quite a bit, and she really responded to it in a good way. I used the cube routine on her and other bits of routines I thought I would try out for the first time, and after some chat about doing something together, we are now going to dinner and the Cinema on monday night.

    What I need help with is, how do i pick up IOI's, and how can i close on this night? These are the things I really struggle with.


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    Need some advice please guys

    simple formula

    Tease -> Laughter -> Escalate


    Tease -> Laugher -> Escalate Further

    and further

    and further

    get it?


    straight from Mr. Matador

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    Need some advice please guys

    Haha! Excellent!!

    Your formula does indeed work though buddy, as I found out last night - now to use again until i try and close


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    Need some advice please guys

    its not my formula, its what I got from Matador

    but glad to hear its working

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    Need some advice please guys

    Ok i take it back Sub, thanks Matador! Haha! Im always looking for tips, theories, suggestions and help for improvement so everything is taken on board!


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