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    you've got to say something

    happy monday gentlemen.

    i've got to re-inforce a point today.

    if you don't say anything to a girl NOTHING will happen.

    friday afternoon i was at enjoying a water and some chips & queso at a bar around 4pm by myself. just hanging out chilling before i meetup with my friends for the evening.

    i know a waitress at this bar i'm at who hooks me up with cheap/free food... and there is a gorgeous blonde in the room. she's with a group of 8. 3 girls 5 guys.. she stands out. platinum blonde. red jacket amplified the platinum hair even more..

    she walks by me once to go to the bathroom.... i said nothing to her.

    NOTHING HAPPENED. ... this girl is even more gorgeous up close. i said nothing. nothing happened.. this lit a FIRE inside me.. of how stupid i felt.

    i know you all know that feeling when you don't say something to the hottie.

    i thought to myself, "when she walks back by i'll say hi."

    but when she walked back again. my friend was standing at my table talking to me and the blonde walked around us. .. not by us.

    damnit. i felt like punching myself in the balls.

    magically this blonde has to get up again about 10 minutes later.. walks in the same path as the first time.

    as she's getting close, i say, "HI" ... and i said it just really loud with a smile.



    i was slightly shocked.

    and she says, "i like your shirt." with a big beautiful smile on her face.

    i say, "really? i'm not sure what it even means."
    she starts to walk while saying, "well not to be weird but i wanted to say i liked it."
    i don't turn my head to follow her as she's talking and walking past me.
    so i'm looking straight forward, as she's walking away. she's behind me, and i say. .. "ok.. would you rather..."

    without turning my head around. she's at my 5 o'clock as i throw out this soundbite.

    so she's behind me. i'm looking straight ahead.
    she says, "would i rather what."
    i don't turn my head.. she walks back in front of me, into my line of sight.

    me: "would you rather have a whore daughter... ... or a gay son."

    we get to chatting.
    this got her hooked and back to me.

    if i wouldn't have opened my mouth. nothing would have happened.

    after a little talk i said, "you should probably get back to your friends... do you wanna hangout later?"
    Her: "i'd love to.. do you want to take my number?"
    me: "okay, do you know how to text?"
    her: :"hahaha yes, who doesn't?"
    me: "you'd be surprised."
    her: "okay text me and i'll show you how good i am"
    me: "
    her: "OH MY GOD NO! HAHA, like how good i am at texting."

    we both laugh and she walks away. i have her number.
    so i text her right there.
    she walks back by and says, "jeez that was fast."
    me: "yea.. well you're not as good as you claim at this."
    her: "omg whatever! "


    i had no idea this hb9 platinum blonde would OPEN RIGHT UP..

    so just a reminder guys! DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING. even if it's just saying hi and being stupid.

    have a great week gentlemen!

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    you've got to say something

    Good advice. Thanks man.

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    you've got to say something

    Women are passive creatures. They go out to meet guys but never take action. Only the fat ones do.

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