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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Hey everyone:

    Anybody have any great advice on asset protection from creditors, and ESPECIALLY from GOLD DIGGERS seeking child support, etc.? Although I don't have squat right now (but also don't have child support or alimony expenses), if I ever do have even a decent amount of money, one of my biggest concerns about being in such a "comfortable" position is that there will be some women snarling after it if they know about or even suspect it...

    For starters, I am not yet married, and possibly never will be, so here's hoping the 50-50 whammy will never be a problem for me. Also, my understanding is that IRA's and 401(k)'s can't be tapped by creditors or for child support, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Furthermore, I read about an "Alaskan trust" which, on the surface, seems like the kind of thing I might be looking for, but again I'm not sure.

    One unfortunate thing is that, even if someone had the knowledge to write a comprehensive book on this subject, it would probably have difficulty seeing the light of day, because of all the femi-nazis, PC people, etc., that would block it.

    Thank you very much for any advice.

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    If you're wealthy, always set up a Prenuptial agreement!!!!!!

    That's all

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Thanks for the quick reply, Dan (?), but, as I stated before, I may NEVER get married...

    Even then, if I have a kid out of marriage, I could still be stuck up for child support based on assets and income streams that aren't sufficiently legally protected. I want to know if and how I can protect myself before such situations arise. I mentioned other possibilties in the initial post, but I don't know if they are sufficient and how suffficient they are. Thanks for any further help.

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Yea... I'm not worrying to much about girls who try to get knocked up or all that...

    Dont be so paranoid.

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Thanks for the last reply, Dan, but, despite having gone out to bars and clubs hundreds of times, I have NEVER, EVER seen one woman at any of these places in my entire life who I would consider worth having a kid with. I mean, if it happens, well then it happens, but I don't see anything wrong with trying to do what I can to prevent unfavorable outcomes, or at least minimizing their chances...

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Hey bro that's we call human behavior, if we were in your place we all think the same. Just follow the suggestion, which Daniel has given you.

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Thanks for the reply, Harry. However, with all due respect, unlike me, some guys who are unmarried without kids would be "okay" with having a kid and (paying child support to) with the most beautiful woman they ever saw at a nightclub, regardless of any other qualities (both good or bad) about her. I used to have a more beta mindset like that myself, and probably would have settled for much less than sex to ingratiate myself to a girl, but improving myself in various ways has made me less willing to accept that kind of shit.

    I mean, with all due respect to Mystery, I used to see him as the epitome of a man with the kind of success I'd like to have with women, until a few weeks ago - when I found out that he did have a kid. If he's happy with all that, more power to him, but it's not what I want for myself, as I don't see having a one night stand only to pay 18 years of child support as being any more victorious than "scoring" a "date" with a full-fledged hooker (and might arguably be even less of a victory).

    Thanks in advance for any constructive replies...

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Hey, NC. Similar thoughts have crossed my mind, especially since of late I've been working hard studying wealth creation. I don't have all the answers, but I have a few thoughts:

    • If you're 100 percent certain you never want kids, you can protect yourself with a vasectomy. Like I said, only if you're 100 percent certain.
    • If you do have a kid, deliberate or not, then you just gotta support it, whether you stay with the woman or not, and whether she's a great lady or a fucking bitch. It's the right thing to do. It's what a man does. A kid's gotta have food, clothes, medical care, education, etc. If you have a kid, you just gotta rise to the occasion and support it. I'm not saying a woman should use it as an excuse to milk you for millions of dollars, half your fortune, etc. I'm saying the kid deserves a good father and to have its legitimate needs met.
    • As others have said, prenup, prenup, prenup! Find a good lawyer. A female friend of mine who's married signed one because the prenup was written in such a way to be fair to both parties. Her husband will inherit a large fortune. Their prenup makes that off limits to her, but splits what they earned together 50/50. In other words, it's not a "screw the woman" prenup. It's one designed to be fair to both parties. A prenup should not be designed to screw one party over or to prevent anyone from supporting their kids. Seek a fair prenup, not a screw-her-over one. Lawyers are expensive, but a good marital one is worth every cent. And whenever you date anyone who might become serious, let it be known early that you're a prenup kind of guy. That way the woman won't be blindsided with it. The week before the wedding is too late to bring it up.

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    Yo Ice:

    Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to comment on two of your pointsÖ

    ē Regarding your first point, although Iíve definitely mulled over the idea of a vasectomy, Iíve been pretty reluctant to get snipped, even though they are known to be reversible. One thing that doesnít help is that I heard they are pretty damn painful (I knew one guy who had one done, and he said something to the effect that anyone who says they arenít painful is lying). More importantly, though, the possibility that the doctors might somehow mess it up and do something irreversible to my plumbing (even if they succeeded in the general purpose of the operation) makes me REALLY NERVOUS.

    ē Regarding your second point, I agree ***100%*** that if a guy has a kid, he has responsibility to at least offer to help support the child. Even if the woman is a gazillionaire and doesnít demand child support, he should at least be willing to do something to help out (as having a father that doesnít care about and wants nothing to do with an accidental child is often a pretty hard psychologically on a child). Also, even if the guy has A LOT OF MONEY locked up beforehand in an IRA or the like that canít legally be touched for child support or to pay most other creditors until after the kid turns 18, if he has no other way to help support the kid, and the kid would otherwise starve, he should still be willing to pull from it for the childís sake, rather than be a deadbeat and a miser about it.

    Still, though, Iím just trying to do what I can to shield myself from unwanted problems, as bars and clubs have more than their fair share of sociopathic women. All this, honestly, makes me less motivated to master game, since it seems like you generally pay for sex one way or anotherÖ.

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    Wealth Protection From Gold Diggers, Etc.

    If you reduce every human experience to a transaction, the idea that you always pay for sex sort of makes sense.

    you might question though if it actually makes sense to reduce every human experience to a transaction.

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