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    Interesting field report.

    After watching the guys on simple pick-up, I went to my nearest mall. I confidently walked up to any girl I thought fit my standards and began a conversation. I cut the bullshit and went in with, ex. You are the cutest fucking girl i've seen all day, you are the cutest girl i've seen all day. If I ran out of things to say I would think of any question, one HB8.5 and I got into a conversation about vampire novels and we hit it off, but she was engaged . I feel that telegraphing interest confidently and early showed the girl, look i am honestly interested in you and want to get to know you by asking you questions that I think will help me get to know you. I was rejected one time, but who the fuck cares, an HB9 walked up right after that, and I approached her. I feel some people do need the mystery method, but I think the majority of men have natural game and just have not discovered it yet. I had a great time tonight, without having to remember shit. Hope this helps someone.

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    Interesting field report.

    Well, it depends on your standards bro, if your aiming for HB8 and superior, then you are more unlikely to close her if you go with your usual friendly/confident approaches. Most of these chicks have heard it all. A natural approach may work on HB8 and higher if
    they are younger though but by the age of 22 23, they're very defensive. You must
    know advanced game in order to overcome all their barriers.

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    Interesting field report.

    Idk man, most of the women reacted positively to me being me. I ran into problems with women who were engaged/boyfriends. I also was rejected a few times, but even the mystery method could not have helped that. Women may have heard it all, but did they hear it coming from an overly confident dude or a pussy asking to buy them a drink.

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    Interesting field report.

    I find it being called "The Game" gives anyone the opportunity do do what ever they want. i have experimented with numerous techniques until coming into my own. The more tools in your arsenal the better.

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