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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    Hi guys, I've been working the gym scene lately and I think it's one of the
    best places to work your game and meet some really amazing hb's.
    Personally I've sarged various gorgeous girls before at the gym but it's been
    several months ago and now I've started going again and I wish I can perfect
    my skill in this venue.
    This is why I have started my journal in order for me to push my self
    and drive myself towards getting the most out of my gym membership
    by opening the hb's quickly, generating attraction at the
    gym with real time constraints, and closing effectively without having
    the problem of buyers remorse, seeing the girl again after a date or
    get together and never talking to her again.

    So I'll post this year's experiences so far and maybe you guys can
    contribute with some critiques with my sarges in this place.

    Let's GO!!

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    Ok so I've been kind of rusty lately with approaching HB's since about the end
    of december. I was sick in november with a heavy flu. After I recuperated
    I was still feeling some soreness in my throat and still had cough when I
    went out to the cold or drank something cold.
    The second week of january was also hard for me since I caught a cold
    and spent the whole week in the apartment. So I've been trying to catch up
    my pace in sports and sarging but I'm feeling a little rusty and have been
    gradually doing some sarges here and there.

    One of the places I'm relying on right now is the GYM b/c I feel is a low
    pressure environment.
    So I started going to the gym on Jan 31st and went there a couple of times
    at night, didn't see many girls as I had some time ago.
    This monday, the 6th, I saw a cute blonde working out in one of the
    leg machines, she had very hot legs and a luscious ass too and from the angle
    that she had, it was a 45 degreee(upwards) leg machine, she was lookin' gooooood

    I noticed she had her earplugs and then went to the weights section and
    grabbed a couple of dumbells. A couple of minutes later, she came up to my
    spot and started doing some of the weight exercises I was doing.
    I tried to look at myself in the mirror( this is the correct technique btw) but
    I couldn't help but to ogle at the HB at my right side. For some reason I
    didn't get any EC from the mirror from her, so I was confused.

    The earplug issue made me hesitate on my opener and summed up w/the lack
    of EC I didn't open. Few moments later she left and I also ended my routine.
    I went to the hanger and did a couple of repetitions when I saw the same HB
    using the leg curl machine, I kinda saw her checking me out so I figured I should
    go to the machine next to her to finish my leg routine.

    The leg curling machine she was using was one in which you face towards the
    floor and curl your legs to your buttocks and man, what buttocks!!
    she was smokin'!!!
    When she saw me getting closer she turned and kinda greeted me, so I replied
    with a "how ya doin'"?
    After a few moments in that strategic location, I knew had I indulged in
    looking I would have gotten a boner or sth, so I figured I would just open right away
    and so I just went for the "good samaritan" style, recommending her to
    shake her legs after completing the set so her legs wouldn't get too stiff.
    I had to repeat myself because she had the frikin' earplugs and she removed
    them for me to listen.
    She didn't seem to interested after the open, so I immediately rephrased the
    comment by asking if she had tried kicking in the air to recuperate faster
    in between sets so she said that she had not. After that, she said she would
    try it and thanked me for the tip.
    I guess I should have transitioned to the boring:
    "BTW, do you come here often?" or "What's your name?" and go from there
    but I'm still feeling the lack of mental agility and thought I'd talk to her
    again some other time.
    On my way out of the gym I saw a really puffed up guy chatting her up while
    she was doing some abs, and thought of banging my head against the wall
    for being so slow...
    I need to get back in shape ASAP! In sarging that is.

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    Friday 11th Approach:

    So I had spotted the reception clerk who was really beautiful the other day
    I signed up and thought of chatting her up sometime. The first day I went there
    the member card didn't work so she let me in while I asked her some questions
    about the place. After my first workout I left and said goodbye to her, she replied
    back and I noticed she held unusual EC with me and smiled when I waswalking towards
    the door while turning my head back towards her.
    Today as soon as I entered the gym, she saw me and greeted me immediately.
    The front desk is about 10 ft from the door so I thought her greeting this
    time was kinda premature.
    I went on with a prefabricated conversation about how she resembled a
    classmate I had back when I attended university. The convo went sort of
    like this:

    HB: Hello, how are u?
    ark: Great, Hello there, and how are u?
    HB: Goood!
    ark: You know what I was noticing the other day?
    You look a lot like a classmate I had years ago.
    HB: Really?
    ark: Yes, back at the university there was this girl
    just that she was a little blonder than you and perhaps
    a little bit shorter.
    But you sure do look like her, specially from a distance.
    HB: Well, I'm still in HS.
    ark: No way!
    Hb: and this is my 3rd job.
    Ark: Oh! so she's experienced for a high school student.
    After that I tried to go in, but the card didn't work and so it wouldn't
    let me in.
    She told me that the system reported that my membership had been
    cancelled. I asked why and the lady besides her told me that they were
    going to find out and that she'd call the sales guy.
    I continued chatting the girl and she told me her name, I introduced myself
    and she extended her hand to me in a very pleasing way. I could have
    perfomed the adventure test but my lack of practice made me forget about that.

    The sales guy showed up and I left with him. I forgot to tell her " excuse me/us" btw.
    He told me that he didn't have the information at hand so advised me to get my
    workout first. I thought I'd continue my chat with the girl after the workout and so
    I did. I walked up to the front desk and said:

    HB: Ok have a good one ( thinking I was already leaving like evdy else)
    ark: So, (big smile) what's happening?
    HB: Not... much. :| (looking fidgety)
    ark: (ooookaaaay.... this is going downhill already...backup plan!!!)
    ark: Well, I wanted to ask you about the classes here, I'm new here, you know
    (at this point I think I was mumbling a little)
    hb: Here's a sheet with all the classes
    arkangel: which classes would you recommend for a beginner?
    HB: The information about the classes is all in the back of the paper.
    (takes a towel for another member and turns her back)
    ark: ( OH sh*4!!! Crash & burn! I guess I'm leaving then!)

    So I thanked the girl for the info and left the premises. I think I staled
    out the set. What do you think happened? Did I get regular customer/
    member treatment from the beginning? or did she get nervous of the
    other members going to her right when I was trying to chat her up?

    It also happened to me in november of last year. I went to pay for a phone
    and while I was entering the building I saw a cute blonde with green eyes
    looking right at me while I was on the phone. We mantained EC for about
    10 feet until I entered the building and decided to end the call early so I
    could go up to this girl. When I came back SHE was on the phone so I waited
    for her to end it and opened. The sarge was ok and we got to the point where
    we introduced each other but she was called to go back to work and so she
    When I went back to where she was, there were like 100 ppl and so I decided
    just to greet her and see if I could chat her up a little. To my surprise, she
    acted as if she didn't know me and put up kind of like a bitchy act perhaps to
    blow my hopes away. Then, a customer showed up and asked her something,
    she didn't hesitate to leave me hanging and went right to the next customer so
    I just left, w/o saying good bye or anything and promised I'd never look for her

    I know this is pure hired gun game and I have to be very subtle and agile to pull this
    off but sometimes it just feels like an impossible feat for me.

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    I was just realizing something today about those 2 approaches.
    The gym one happened to be in front of people at first(in front
    of the colleague) and then she ditched me in the 2nd approach
    with the sheet thing.
    The telephone company approach, I approached her without any
    social pressure on her part and the 2nd time there were lots of people
    and she ditched me with her corporate character or whatever it
    So In both cases the hb seemed interested and showing some heavy IOI's
    (maintaining EC,etc.)and the second time she behaved the exact opposite
    of that. The only difference was the social pressure prescence.
    I know I should also try approaching these women when they're off work,
    I'll just have to wait for another opportunity.

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    Feb 12th report:

    Well, today I went to the gym shortly after taking my lunch which was
    around 5pm and it was really cold outside. There were lots of clouds in the
    sky and a little bit of wind. Not very convincing day togo out was it?
    Still I forced myself out and decided to go for about an hour.
    Right now I'm doing sort of like a rehab since I had a motorcycle accident
    in mid December. So what I'm doing now is lots of tredmills walking very slow.
    Hey even grandpa's are sweating it off more than I am right now but
    who cares, when I fully recuperate I'll be blazing those tredmills.

    Ok, so I saw this cute little brunnette girl doing some leg machines right
    beside me and I thought of opening her, yet, there seemed to be no
    chemistry(no EC), she was wearing ear plugs and the sets were really
    short so I just passed.
    Moments later while working the dumbbells this hot, strong red hair
    walked by and started doing some saws in the benches. She had
    really thick arms but her torso and butt was really sexy, and her
    legs as well.
    I was about 14 feet away from her doing lots of dumbbell exercises and
    as I turned I saw a couple of guys checking her out too. She was hardly
    a girl you can just ignore.

    I saw that she had lots of tattoos, in her arms, back and even in her
    chest. Se also had piercings. I'm not really attracted to these types of
    girls but I thought that I should still sarge her as a practice exercise.

    I thought of an easy opener concerning a tatto on her right arm. It was a
    chinese character and I recognized it as the name of an animal.
    I was about to go in with my approach with good momentum when a couple
    of chinese guys just crashed into my walking area so I would have to
    get around them.
    I saw the girl go grab some water and so I followed her opening with:

    ark: Excuse me miss....
    Hb_tattoo: (continues walking ignoring me)
    ark: ... (this would be a good time to eject...)
    (continues following her)
    Hb_tattoo: (stops at the bench)
    ark: Excuse me,
    Hb_tattoo: (Finally looks at me and takes one ear plug off, not really excited)
    ark: just wanted to ask you about that tattoo
    It's chinese right?
    Hb_tattoo: No, it's japanese
    ark: I recognize it as the name of an animal in chinese
    Hb_tattoo: Means fox, (mumbles something about japanese, perhaps that
    she spoke japanese)
    ark: Well, I speak japanese but I thought the letter style was chinese
    Hb_tattoo: Yes but it's japanese
    (here I could have told her that the japanese borrowed the chinese letters/characters
    and named them kanji, they stylized many chinese characters differently and even
    changed some of them, yet I got thrown off by her bitchy attitude or sth)
    ark: Ah ok! well! Let me see your arm again ( there was a figure below the kanji)
    It's cool, I just couldn't appreciate very well from afar
    Hb_tattoo: It's the fox
    ark: Oh, I see, it's an anime fox
    Hb_tattoo: What?
    ark: Anime, it's japanese(dumb chick didn't even know the type caricature she
    had on her arm was an anime and still didn't understand)
    ark: Well, ok cool!( Eject)

    Conclusion: I think my initially devised approach with an FTC was really thown off
    by the chinese guys that blocked my path altogether with following the girl and
    being ignored probably b/c of the ear plugs. I ended up approaching with an
    excuser type of opener which was apparently not very welcome by her and
    the protocols didn't really match b/c she didn't even understand what anime
    meant. But still, I left happy knowing that I was the only guy w/ enough balls
    to approach her all night of all the other wimps that were just checking her out.

    Comments, observations? Will be much appreciated!

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    Feb 13th:

    K, so I went to the gym to get some workout mostly for my legs
    since I got very sore from my arms b/c of the workout the last time.
    I hopped into the tredmill and did a 20 min workout, and as I turned
    back, a cute girl running in one of the machines made EC w/me. It was
    only for a couple seconds and then got back to my stuff.
    Somehow I think staring backwards at a girl running in the tredmill
    is a sleazy thing to do. Perhaps b/c you can't just like press the
    emergency button and go approach her when she's like 10-15m away.
    Even though I WOULD consider pressing PAUSE or STOP while spotting
    an HB leaving the gym. Like it happened yesterday, there was this
    tall, about 5'8, blonde HB with very straight hair and really fit, tight
    body. GF material right there! LOL Unfortunately I spotted her too late
    when she was already near the exit and got little response time.

    And while I was in the tredmill, the cute HB at the front desk came by at an
    office in front of the tredmill section so I had to see her in my line of
    sight. She was looking so gorgeous and to my surprise she was turning
    back looking at me every few moments, to which I just looked someplace
    else, this time using the principle:

    "They want, what they can't have"

    Next, when I went to the weights section, the gym was packed and I could
    hardly walk there b/c all the guys were busy doing sth. I grabbed my
    leg curling machines and started working out. A blonde cutie got near
    my machine but I noticed she was pregnant, she was very close my machine
    and I asked her to move so I wouldn't kick her.
    I continued my workout and guess who I saw again?
    Tattoo girl! She was wandering around the weights room and when I
    finished one of my ab routines she was doing some abs too but with
    a different machine. Mirroring me perhaps?? :P
    She was really far away so I didn't approach her.
    She didn't seem to get much attention this day.

    As I continued my ab routines I saw some girls in the tredmills checking
    me out so I responded with some low intensity EC's. One of them was
    a cute redhead who caught my attention. She was wearing earplugs
    and was quite far away too so I just waited for another opportunity.
    I opened a guy next to me who was doing some really difficult and high
    intensity ab exercises and talked a little bit about them.
    He showed me a couple of his ab routines to which I thanked him and he
    Then a fat guy next to me eavesdropped our conversation and suggested
    me to grab myself to the abmachine in a different way, I tried it but
    it was better as I did first. We exchanged some comments and then finished
    my routine and left. I think it's a good idea to befriend the guys too b/c like
    this time, one of them showed me a couple of good exercises for my abs and
    perhaps later on they can help you wing or inform you of the cuties hanging
    out at the gym.
    And finally all the girls seemed to be running on the tredmill or some kind of
    aerobic machine so I grabbed my stuff and left. Better luck tomorrow I guess!

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal


    seriously. a lot of people say gym is a bad place to meet girls.
    screw that .
    you are changing history.

    i can't wait till your book comes out, "arkangels gym game manual"

    seriously man, keep posting. i've read every one of them as they come and still love them.

    YOU ROCK BRO. keep it up.

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    Quote Originally Posted by diablo View Post

    seriously man, keep posting. i've read every one of them as they come and still love them.

    YOU ROCK BRO. keep it up.
    Well, thanx for the props man. I'm flattered. I really hope this journal helps me amp up my game, learn new ways of approaching and also helps guys here as well, to let go of limiting beliefs and to be sure that if you have determination and game you can also pick girls up even in apparently uncharted places like these.

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    FEB 14th

    I saw a very beautiful, skinny and tight black girl with
    gorgeous eyes runing in the toro. She dropped her mp3 player on the
    belt and immediately picked it up. Apparently it was still working.
    An old guy took the tredmill next to her and started chatting her up.
    I felt like very underachieved that moment but he just did like
    5 minutes and left.
    I finished my eliptical machine workout and took the tredmill where
    the guy was before.
    As soon as I approached I turned a little and made EC with her to which
    she responded with a little smile. She had also given me EC before she
    took the toro and was looking like she had a great vibe.
    While in the machine she was taking a good workout and getting all
    sweaty running very fast. I almost felt like an old guy still doing my
    rehab but I wasn't going to be that stupid as taking the other toro
    and trying to impress her.
    I opened her about the incident of her mp3 player and she said it was
    alright then she told me that the new machine, the toro, was really good
    and helped get a great workout. She put on her earplugs again and kept
    running. Then she finished her workout, turned to me for a bit and said
    I was about continue chatting her but she said goodbye first so I continued
    doing my tredmill workout hoping to see her around later on.
    I went to do my leg curl routine but she went
    someplace else to do
    some stretches. No other girls at sight in the weights section that day.

    FEB 15

    No action. I went there for a 20 min walk. A very short chinese
    girl went right in front of me in the tredmills.
    She started running and dropped her sweater. The tredmill threw it
    to the back and b/c I was just finishing my routine,
    I picked up her sweater and left. I was feeling a little bit
    tired and only did tredmill.

    Feb 17th:

    ok so today I went to the gym again doing my normal
    rehab routine, walking and walking with different levels
    for 30 min while watching the american idol. A cute
    girl in the eliptical machines caught my eye for a sec. but
    she was one row back from me and I was just starting
    out or in the middle of my routine as to try something.
    Near the end of my routine a hot short girl dressed in
    black went Right in Front of my tredmill displaying an
    awesome shape disregarding the fact that she was about
    1.50 mt tall. She ran there a couple of minutes and I kinda
    got aroused a bit and almost had to stop walking b/c of her
    fit sexy little body but I managed not to look and continued
    as usual.
    After finishing up my walking routine I went directly to
    the bathroom to take a leak and right at that moment the
    cute girl from the elipticals was walking looking very
    approachable but, heck, I really had to go and dismissed
    the opportunity.

    I went to the weight machines next and there were like
    just a lot of gym rats, and old dudes, a couple of UG's
    and the like. Nothing to work with but minutes later
    after doing my leg curl routine a cute girl showed up.
    She was wearing very sexy black tights and I could see
    she had a colorful tatoo on her back. Unfortunately, she
    was hanging out there with a guy, probably the
    I had to take the machine next to her and saw she had a very
    hot ass. Thought of opening still, but there seemed
    to be no dynamic going on, everything was very quiet.
    Although I could have commented: "Hey, it's awfully quiet
    today in the gym, don't you think? What's your name?"

    Moments later, after I finished my curling machines I went to
    do some calf rises and this tattooHB2 was there in my machine
    , actually doing nothing to which I approached her saying:

    "You stole my machine!"

    HBtattoo2: I'm sorry?(ear plugs on, earplugs off)
    ark: You stole my machine, I was just going to use it.
    HBTattoo2: Oh, I'm sorry, go ahead I was just...
    ark: No, I was just kidding, you go ahead, I'll wait
    HBtattoo2: No, seriously, I'll just
    ark: Ohhh, Are you really not gonna use it?
    ark: Ok thanks

    Moments later after seeing her face to face I remembered
    she looked like sb I know to which I opened when I was using
    the chest machine moments later.

    I negged her with sth like:
    Yes, you do look like her, only that she's a little bit taller
    than you, a little bit thinner too..
    hbtattoo2: :O
    ark: Well, not that way, I mean she's like this (show my pinky)
    really skinny. lol

    And later on she went to the tredmills with her earplugs on to
    which I said my goodbyes to her while I was leaving,
    walking in front of her. She looked me straight in the eye for
    a second, I know she felt it. Next time I see her, it's game on.

    At the exit, I kinda had a convo with the front desk girl and exchanged names.
    She is a new one and the fresh blonde girl I reported about last time
    was changed to attend during the day.

    Feb 18th:

    Absolutely no action on the gym. It was quite late and
    when I left I chatted the front desk girl who seemed to
    be flirting with me a little since I entered the gym.
    When I entered the gym I saw that she had tattoos, big ones,
    on both forearms to which I commented sth like:
    Woah! Tattoos there!
    frontdeskB: (covering with the sleeves) Oh, you are not supposed
    to see that. Sorry.
    Ark: Look kinda cool though.

    Before leaving I commented on some sitcom I had watched the
    day before and to which she replied that she did like the
    sitcom but hadn't seen that one episode I was talking about.
    SHe said that she had to finish closing and said goodbye.
    She also asked if I'd be there the next day(on sunday). IOI?
    to which I said that I wouldn't b/c I didn't quite like
    working out on sundays.

    Feb 21st:

    The gym was too crowded, I saw a couple of random cute girls
    there and only saw one that really lit my fire doing some
    cycling while I was on the tredmill. I had to stop watching
    because of her sexy movement while she was working out that
    machine. She had like a "hip to waist ratio of 0.7" or 0.65,
    her soft tan skin and gorgeous legs were killing me!!
    I went to the weight section again and did several new exercises
    didn't see much material to work with and it seemed as if
    all the machines were busy. So I left quickly.
    While leaving the place I saw the young front desk HB again
    and talked to her for a while after like about a week of not
    seeing her. She seemed nice to me but I think I'll look for
    her when she goes out to lunch and ask her out one of these days.
    I think it's better not to put myself on the line in front
    of everybody there going in and going out, colleagues walking
    around, and phone calls coming in.

    The other front desk girl exited the gym with her hair all wet
    from taking a shower and I said hello to her.
    We chatted for a bit about the workouts and everything.
    It seemed as if she wanted me to kiss greet her and kiss goodbye
    her but I got too caught up in my formal member relationship and
    I was also feeling very sick, didn't have much sleep that day because
    of a sore throat.
    This front desk girl seems bit older than me so I'm like not too motivated
    about the sarge even though she seems very friendly and open
    I'll keep going there as soon as I get better and see what happens so
    stay tuned for more GYM JOURNAL action!

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    Arkangel - Gym Journal

    This I'm going to be coming back to. Gym game is tough/almost pointless for reasons that have been redundantly stated. If you can find a way to work well in a gym you'll be helping out alot of people.

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