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    VH1 PUA show: coming back?

    Anyone have any idea how the show is doing, meaning if they would consider bringing it back for a second season? If so I am DEFINITELY going to be first in line to apply to be on it because, like so many others, I am dying to meet the man himself, Mystery, and there is no way in hell to meet him otherwise. From what I understand, he will never coach bootcamps again. It looks like he DOES do one-on-one training sessions still. However, the fee listed for those is frickin' $9,997!!!!! WAY out of my affordability range.

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    VH1 PUA show: coming back?

    I am in the wrong business......

    As for a second season, it will all come down to business. If they can get enough advertisers and the ratings are high enough, they will do another.

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