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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    hey guys,
    Thinking we should have a good solid thread on meeting girls at the gym. I'm at the gym every other day and always see attractive girls I'd like to meet. What I usually do is if they have head phones on say "excuse me, do those things work?" as I point to their headphones, "because every time I'm at the gym girls come up and wanna talk to me" and play off of that or I'll just go direct like "hey, do you work out here a lot" so they don't think it's a pick up at first, and then I'll go, "oh cool, yeah I just wanted to meet you, I'm Andrew", that's works ok.

    Do you guys have any good ideas around this? I'd love to have a couple more tricks up the sleeve and to eventually start going to the gym with these chicks and then some..

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    Things that usually work for me, comementing on form. If you see her doing something wrong show her how to do it right. On the same token you can ask advice a few weeks ago I noticed a hb7 doing some ridiculous balancing act on a bonzu ball with some dumbells I aproched her and asked what muscle group that excersice targeted. Told her I found it very interesting and asked if she'd teach me how to do it with correct form..once u open then U just stack...

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..


    even if these girls talk to you that doesn't mean they are good...maybe appearance - yes...but usually it is boring to talk with them..

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    Quote Originally Posted by tMason View Post
    even if these girls talk to you that doesn't mean they are good...maybe appearance - yes...but usually it is boring to talk with them..
    That applies everywhere, not only the gym

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    Bad Form

    The thing that you have to be careful about sarging at a gym is it is for the most part a closed system. If one HB tags you as "lame" then all the women there will hear about it and you be "that guy"

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    Sometimes I say "Please don't lift too much weights because I don't like to look weak close to you".

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    my suggestions

    First of all if your just going to the gym to get girls and not actual results then that's you.

    Me on the other hand I would either open up woman before or after my work out, i prefer after because when I'm there I really do have goals I'm trying to accomplish. A high status man will not stop his goals in life just because he sees a beautiful woman (remember its not about appearing high status you have to believe you are). He may approach her after his work out. But it's quite ok to make comments here and there in between sets. I once teased a girl when she was lifting as i got done with a set (a gym set not a sarge set lol) and said "wow that's it... weak" then smiled to let her know it was a joke.

    I think to if a girl sees that you are serious about tryna get big or whatever your goals are she will respect you more than if your looking around obviously trying to game girls. Also is shows your a man who gets things done who has a passion for something.

    Also social proof is great for gyms. Talk to the guys, talk to everybody build connections always be laughing and smiling in those interactions. You will look like a guy everybody should know or wants to know and that in it self is a great dhv

    After your work out just approach. I once wanted to do some cardio after my work out (which i dont take as seriously) and hopped on a cardio machine next to a girl and told her we were going to race and if I won she would have to buy me a protein shake.

    make your own stuff up as you go. You'll know what to say when it comes because stuff like that does just come to you.

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    I believe the 3 second rule still applies at the gym. So I will abide by this by opening usually like this.
    Me"Hey, can I ask you a question?"
    HB " Yes"
    Me" What do you think about when your working out? "
    HB" BLAH blah blah"
    From there you can proceed with your set, Of seducing them not working out that is to clarify any confusion lol.

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    You see what I do is... I only talk to girls when I am doing my post workout stretch, which takes nearly 30 minutes. When I am working out, the only thing on my mind is squatting that motherfucker.... and when I want to stretch, I always frame it as "this gets kinda boring so come here and entertain me" and they do.. very casual... very chill.

    Also, what you could so is talk to some girl in between sets, and then go back to your workout so that next time you see her, you will know her enough to ask her something like "so what did you do this weekend?" or whatever then talk about that... I don't really prolong a conversation in the weight room, but that is something you could do. Chances are, you will see her the next time you go to the gym.

    It helps if you have a good body and lift heavy weights (I.E. if you actually WANT to get results in the gym) cuz you will be getting interest like crazy. All you have to do is look at her and wave your hand or smile at that point. I'm not big on openers anyway... and this is especially true for the gym. Think about it... if you are working out and go ask a girl something like "hey i need a female opinion blablabal".. that's kinda weird.. compare that to a smile and a wave of the hand.. then go say something like "so, have you ever used a squat rack.. cuz I have to tell you... blablablabla" and talk about whatever the fuck!

    So the formula to getting solid number closes at the gym is: Learn how to talk to girls, go to the gym for a few years until you look like Brad Pitt in fight club, and stretch after training. If you do that, there is no way you won't be able to get girls at the gym....

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    How to Meet Girls at the Gym..

    you mean brad pitt in troy right? lol he's still to skinny in fight club

    i Kind of like his advice

    if you're going to the gym to talk to girls then wtf go do it

    i personally go the gym to get results so I'll talk to a girl i had my eye on always after my lift.

    guys as long as you have confidence you can say anything

    After your work out "I saw you staring at me when I was doing my squats, did you need help with your technique or something" Make sure you say it in a cocky and obviously joking way.

    open with anything just make sure you look confident.

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