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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    Hey guys n gals,

    could you give me some advice on good hypnosis material available for improvement of inner game? Like a hypnosis that focusses on confidence and state management while in the field and interacting with girls or one that focuses on humour? Plus, could you also tell me your experience with hypnosis/self-hypnosis/NLP?

    I got one hypnosis from but the quality was disappointing.

    So I don't mean a hypnosis to use on a set or girl but one (such as a hypnosis CD) to use on myself.



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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    I'll also specify why that hypnosis I downloaded wasn't up to par. There was a longwinded theoretical introduction with scientific blabla to it (about what traits women are attracted to), the actual hypnosis was quite short. More significantly, the quality of the hypnosis I felt was poor. There was little use of Milton Erickson language patterns from the milton language model. I don't think there was any use of ambiguous words. It was a bit like someone just talking. There were some very short parts where the subject is to visualize things, but the time for that is too short and the subject isn't guided by some words, suggestions and expressions to guide their visualisation.

    Thought I'd be more specific about that.

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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    I know quite a bit about hypnosis, it's uses and dangers. And my only advice to U is that if U wanna begin ur game on self hypnosis, ur gonna be building it on a very weak structure. Find another way, what motivates U? money? ur successful friend? with practice ull get better

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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    Inner game audio tapes

    Hi, Im reposting my welcome message, you might find this relevant:


    Im 32 year old Skamme seg from Norway

    I have created some Inner game audio tapes for myself that I have been listening to for months, and I welcome you to listen/download them here:

    This is a 10 min audio meant to do nothing else that to create a positive mood.
    (There is references to beeing loved by father/mother in this audio tape,
    if you have lost someone dear to you please be aware of this and do not listen
    to the soundbite as it will most likely have the opposite effect)

    This audio is a 100 % brainwashing session. Its been my experience that you need to talk to the subconscious mind in order to really create changes. At times got nervous around 10`s
    so I created this.

    This is an audio tape for getting you ass in the gym, or at least making healthy decisions

    Created with Speak it! Text to speach software (wich I am not affialied with)

    Artist featured : Deadmau5 and Stimming

    I strongly support the community in the sense that it forces you to grow.
    I also highly recommend, a daily meditation practice


    Skamme seg

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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    There are a lot of general NLP techniques that help with "Inner Game" issues, things like the swish pattern combined with the squash pattern. Hypnosis will also help with confidence issues. These days hypnosis and NLP are almost interchangeable. Hypnotists learn NLP and NLPers learn hypnosis. The problem that you might run into when you buy a cd is that it's not designed for you. It doesn't address the specific issues that you're having.
    I happen to be a master level NLP practitioner and a Hypnotist, so if you want help working on your inner game issues message me and I'll help you out. (in case you're wondering this is NOT a sales pitch. I won't be charging anything. It's satisfying to me to help community guys fix their inner issues quickly.)

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    Good inner game hypnosis material?


    Hey guys,

    I've not responded for a while as I've been really busy lately, more busy than I like. Thanks for the advice, there are a lot of useful things to me in there. Skammeseg, I'm definitely going to check out your audio files.

    Yoboi, I also want to respond to the underlying concern that I sense in your message. I'm completely starting out in this community, zero experience at the moment, so I guess it's a relevant side note you gave there that you can only learn by experience. Hypnosis is fine but if I don't put things to practice and gain practical experience, it's not much use. I understand that. To me, hypnosis is a way of getting keyed up or installing useful mental strategies. I like to use the last few moments before falling asleep well, so that's one time I like to use hypnosis.

    There are a couple of practical concerns in my life right now that are time-consuming, mainly in terms of employment. I will soon make the time to actually meet up with others from the community and start sarging.

    Freefall, thanks for your offer of help. I will definitely make use of it in the future. When I have some experience in the field and I have more clearly fleshed out some areas I want to work on and I have specific challenges, I will definitely contact you for some NLP-ing.

    I know the swish pattern, but it's not my favourite NLP technique really... Sometimes I feel I don't have complete control over the images I make with the visual modality. Perhaps I should use the swish pattern with a different combination of modalities. The other technique you mentioned, I think you wrote the splash technique, I don't know that one yet...

    It's great to feel there's a community out there of like-minded people who can give advice and support and that I can have fun with.

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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    Oh, Yoboi, I also want to answer your question on what motivates me. Money is not a motivating factor for me. Did you ask that because there are a lot of MPUA's out there who offer their services commercially? What motivates me is that I want to have a lot of fun. I love being confident and I want to have much more fun with women, teasing them and joking and all. I have a focus on learning, growing and improving myself. Also I noticed that the things I was doing with women didn't work so I want to learn completely different mental strategies and behaviours.

    Recently I turned a conversation with a customer at work around 180 degrees. The guy was really furious about something but I completely turned it around. He left a happy customer, who felt thankful for being helped well and willing to pay extra costs that he'd incurred... It gave me an enormous kick. If even something like that can give me a kick, then having fun and success with women will give me much more of a kick.

    may the force be with y'all


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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    Inner game guru David Lynch

    A inner game guru I listen to very carefully is David Lynch, this is an interview while he is in Paris in his favorite print shop..:

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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    Hey Skamme seg,

    I got your first two audio files. The first one made me laugh at some points when I listened to it for the first time. Thanks!


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    Good inner game hypnosis material?

    The swish pattern is probably the most well known technique. To get better results with it, try not just visualizing, but hearing the sounds, feeling the feelings and movements with what you're imagining. A common mantra when being guided through this is "imagine, sense, and feel."
    It can be difficult to lead yourself through the NLP techniques. Accessing your subconscious mind and trying to consciously lead it in the direction you want to go is...tricky. A simple way to fix this is to get a digital voice recorder. Start with a relaxation pattern, like a Dave Elman, then follow it with whichever NLP technique you'd like to do and finish it by counting yourself up.
    Here's a technique that works well for me. It doesn't require a relaxed state and it's active, which is fun. It's the circle of excellence combined with and altered version of the hammer technique.
    1) Choose the state you want. (ex. confidence)
    2) Think of a time you experienced this state.
    3) Imagine a circle on the ground in front of you. You can make it look anyway you want, use any audio cue you want, etc.
    4) Recall your desired state from step 1 and step into the circle. Fully associate with that state and step into the circle.
    5) See the time that you felt that state and really imagine, sense, and feel not only what is happening around you, but what is happening within you as well.
    6) Amplify your state by enriching your submodalities. (ex. make it brighter, make your inner voice more compelling, make images bigger, etc.)
    7) When your state is at its highest point create and anchor. ( ex. make a fist or press your pointer finger and thumb together)
    8) Step out of the circle and break state. (an easy way to break state is look up, look down, look left, look right, and say your favorite color.)
    9) Test it, see how easy it is to recall the state by simply stepping back into the circle or just try firing off your anchor.
    10) repeat the process until it becomes easy to access your desired state.
    Once it's easy to call up the state:
    1) put your hands out in front of you.
    2) Imagine yourself standing in one hand and imagine your favorite animal in the other.
    3) Look at the image of yourself and get a sense of all the things that make you great.
    4) Look at the image of your favorite animal and get a sense of all the things that make that animal great. (ex. is it powerful, graceful, dominant, etc.)
    5)Bring your hands together, smashing the images together and bring you hands and the images to your chest. (actually touch your chest)
    6) when your hands touch your chest, say a word that pumps you up. ( I like to use "Shazam")
    7) Repeat this three times.

    When I start my night at a club and am just beginning to approach, I find it helps to visualize my circle on the floor in front of me, so I walk through it on my way to the group I am approaching, and fire my anchor as I pass through it, and BAMPH! I'm feeling confident and chill by the time I grin and open.
    hope this helps.

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