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    up and down and up and and and and

    Just got home. 2 Days ago I had a awesome night. 5 number closes, 2 kiss closes and a fullclose (no foolsmate!!).
    Tonight I went out in a completely diffrent citiy with two huge afcs on my side! I used the same openers like the night before and it just did not work!!!

    Opener: "Hey me and my friend just had a discussion if a woman would ever date a guy named "hans"?"
    --> always got response on this one and were in the set
    and next routine---> 5 Lie Game (5 Answeres all must be lies)

    sometimes I did not even make it to the game and evenwhen I made it I was blown out after it!
    Even at the point when i gave the FTC one girl said "so why dont you go and stuff like this."

    I had good negs, were in a good mood, good body language, body rocking, FTC,...
    I actually had the opnion I was doing pretty well.
    I know this pretty vague what Im saying but please give me any adivce you have!
    So one example:
    Walking by a two-set sitting at the bar facing the crowd. I pass them and over the shoulder
    me:Me and my friend..bla bla bla
    HB 8: oh yeah i would haha...
    HB 7,5: Oh no never
    Me: honeslty you would date a guy named hans? Just imagine the scenario its your 3 anniversy and you wake up in the morning turn around look at you husband and would say : good mordning, hansi !! (got a laugh for the one)
    me: okay now i really gotta get back to my friends, but one question so who is the smarter one of you?(hb points at other hb)okay(facing her now) i just learned a game and want to play it with somebody.imma ask you 5 question and u have to lie 5 times. what do we play for?
    HB 8: i dont knoooow.
    ME: okay how about a drink?
    HB 8: im not drinking but how about you dancing at the pole for me (with a nice smile, touching her hair and glancing at me)
    Me (facing hb 7,5): oh wow i just met her and she wants stuff like this. is she always the demandig?
    HB 7,5 laughing but kinda irritated...
    Now i explained the game to the 7,5 and told her when her friend will lose the game...bla bla bla
    played the game, she lost, everybody laughed , she punched my arm
    me: wow not that fast young lady
    girls laughing even more...
    me: okay no i really gotta go, but...
    HB 8: so why dont you go??? (not rude but pretty direct)
    I excused myself and went off....

    what do you say? guys im so thankful for every piece of advice, honestly!!!

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    up and down and up and and and and

    The last one was a shit test, u just FTC'd too many times and u shouldnt have left

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    up and down and up and and and and

    Thanks man! Gonna field test it tonight!
    What do you think about the "5 lies game" as second routine? Because this sometimes requires some compliance from the girls in order to play the game. Or cant you give a gerneral answer and it depends on the calibration

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    up and down and up and and and and

    I think its great because you get to immediately see whether or not the girls are becoming interested in you. You look like you already know how to transition so just practice, when you analyse what you did in the field you'll figure out what works best for you.

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