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    Review of Regional Camp - New York, December 2nd 2011

    I was asked to write a review, so here it is:

    First of all, I was scared that all this gimic was a scam as I had done some research on internet prior to my subscription. In the end I decided F*** it, I'll try it anyway, even if I DO get scammed out of the money... I was happily surprised.

    As a bonus we got Matador, to assist Colgate in the teachings... even though, at his entrance the first day, he didn't appear to be completely sober, it was still a bonus I found him to be highly inspirational.

    On Colgate's part, I really appreciated that he was "pin-pointy". I wasn't there for somebody to tell me that I was good and to shower me with compliments. Being 32, I would normally have had problems taking critiques from a person of 22 years of age. In my opinion, Colgate did his job concisely and well. I especially appreciated the fact that he would say something like "I don't want to be overly meticulous, but...". In french there is an expression that says "it helps to swallow the pill", and it does. Also, the fact that he would be ongoing about the flaws that kept recurring and that he would pin-point our flaws right after our attempts (and not wait too long before putting them in evidence) helped me, actively, realize what I was doing wrong.

    As for Matador, I found that his speeches were more motivational and inspirational than technical. I had the impression that he was giving me a metaphorical kick in the ass to get up and get going. I appreciated the fact that he would demonstrate how it was done in field, and then, explain what he was doing, while he was doing it. My jaw dropped when he was actually explaining kino to me, in front of a target, that he was actively gaming at that time... she really didn't seem to understand what was going on... and nobody seemed to care, not even her. Even though I have seen both seasons of the pickup artist, seeing it happen in your face has a big impact on understanding that, I too, can accomplish this.

    This, being a review, I have to speak my mind. I was disappointed in the organization part of the camp. One reason, why I thought this might be a scam, is that I had to phone several times, different people, and keep phoning, to get the information about the camp. The impression that I got was that nobody gave a damn about the bootcamp... which is obviously not the case. Also, our first night out, we went "bar hopping" because the venues weren't abundant in targets. I actually didn't mind the "bar hopping". I don't think you can predict the fact that there will be a lot or less targets in one venue, but the fact that we never seemed to know where we would be going next (that it wasn't planned out) was a bit frustrating. The sets that we opened didn't have targets that were "Nines" or "Tens", but for my personal goals, I wasn't aiming for that, (I have... HAD no game ). My prime objective was to open sets, which I did, several times. Even if most of my openings were unsuccessful (actually all of them), I still opened. So ultimately, my objectives were met (jesus, my legs would go numb every frickin time). The second night was a lot better... probably because I was getting better at opening, but nonetheless, the night went well. What was greatly appreciated, was that Colgate offered to give an extra hour of teachings on the second day. We actually didn't get that extra hour, but not on Colgates fault. It's actually a shame that the camps are only two days long... IT'S TOO SHORT!

    All in all, this may have been a long and expensive trip (since I live in Montreal), but it was worth it. I could have taken bootcamps in Montreal from other companies, but from the videos that I saw and the books that I read, I thought Mystery was the most inspirational... and I figured that the people who worked with him would be as equally inspirational... and I was right. The fact that this method is taught as a way of life, and not only about picking up women, appealed to me a great deal. I think the biggest lesson I have taken out of all of this is to not "settle" for anything in life. And it's this willingness, to not want to "settle" for anything, that will keep me going in this process... of picking up women And of progressing in life.

    I would actually like to take another camp in a couple of months, but unfortunately, my finances won't allow for it right now. I'll have to wait a little longer.

    Cheers guys... you guys ROCK!!!


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    Review of Regional Camp - New York, December 2nd 2011

    December 2nd 2011 New York Regional Camp

    When I arrived in New York, I had no idea what to expect. I was having feelings of nervousness and excitement at the same time. I was hoping that it was worth it and at the end, I realized that it was.
    My issue wasnít that I couldnít get women because I do get my fair share of women. My problem was that I couldnít get the women I really wanted to because I wouldnít approach them. My main issue was that I simply didnít know what to say while conversing, so that caused me to be nervous whenever it came down to approaching women.
    After meeting Colgate, I realized that not knowing what to say wasnít my biggest issue. He made me realize that there are numerous steps that I had to do in order to get the women that I desired. Colgate is a great coach and he really knows how to motivate people. From the beginning of the camp, he didnít make it seem like he was superior to me because he was teaching me. He answered every single question I asked him, shared personal experiences, and constantly gave me pointers. He treated me just like a regular person and that made me extremely comfortable. Currently attending the University that Colgate went to and being around the same age also helped calm my nerves.
    It was a huge surprise for me when I found out that Matador was going to be with us throughout the camp as well. I seen him on the Pick-Up Artist show and it was a pleasure meeting him. He is a very inspirational speaker and you can definitely tell that he knows what is he is talking about. Matador kept trying to get me out of my serious mentality by giving me many pointers/tips because he used to be like that before he was a pick-up artist. He kept explaining the type of mentality that I need to have so I can have success with women.
    Throughout both days, I learned an abundance of information and attempted to demonstrate it in the field. Obviously, I didnít perfect it nor do I think I did well when it came to exhibiting everything that I was thought. I did open many sets and after every set, Colgate would explain to me what I did wrong and what I could improve on. It also helped seeing Matador open a couple of sets. Overall, Iím glad that I went to this camp because it definitely changed my life. I pushed myself to try open sets, which I was never able to do before and Iím happy for that. They thought me that there are so many little details of a man that can attract a woman, which I wasnít even aware of. I appreciate what they did for me. I know that I can get over my issues of obtaining beautiful women and I can thank Colgate and Matador for that.

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