I think this would be categorized as inner-game, but i'm unsure. I'm writing this because I've met some people(and i'm sure some may be here too) who don't believe they are changing when they enter the PUA world, when in fact they are(for the most part).

Anyways, lately I've been noticing my personality changing, for the better. Before, I was that guy that was always made fun of by my close friends, but I never cared since it was all in good fun. Lately, I realized I have more authority in that part, when my friends try to bitch me, I wouldn't stay quiet, I'll bitch them instead and make them look like a fool in the group. One close friend of mine seems to try to outAMOG me, but when he doesn't, he tries even harder(subconsciously of course).

Can that be a side effect of me changing who I am? Also what type of characteristics am I picking up?

Also I have a better fashion sense, and when I wear clothes(that I never liked before, like Express clothes) I feel more confident, and I love it.

Another thing I want to get feedback about is that my wing, a few friends, and I hung out today, and everyone was saying he was radiating swag and confidence. I did not see or feel any of that swag or confidence. My theory is that I myself feel that I'm at his level or maybe even higher which is why I didn't feel his energy at all. If anyone can offer any other explanation that would be great, just something that was on my mind for a few mins.