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    ASPERGERS/PUA official university research project

    We are two formally diagnosed aspies who have found major improvement via the game. We've investigated this thoroughly and now a PHD student at a major university is making this topic his PHD thesis. We also have other senior professors looking into the correlation between the game and autism. This may end up drawing major funding in the future.

    Yes, that means the changes you have felt may enter the academic system and be available to help aspies all over the world.. not just the few of us who are able to study social dynamics.

    But we need your help!

    We need guys willing to go through an interview process with the PHD student, to talk about their experiences and how your life has changed. (we're doing it too!). This is something very very special and the cornerstone of some big things. You must be formally diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

    If you're interested, please email me. Of course everything will be 1000% confidential -- we fully understand that both the autism and game aspects of this need to be quiet. And thats why this research is so important, because it hasn't been done before for this reason.

    Please, contact us.. even if you're not sure.. we'll show you what we have.. I think you'll be blown away.


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    ASPERGERS/PUA official university research project

    We are still looking for participants for this project.

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