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    FR:Re-stealing the target

    Was out with a wing & his gf/fb, new venue-had never been to before.

    shooting the shit, bigging up my wing in front of his gf/fb so much so that she's got that look in her eyes for him (inspite of her knowing game)

    she opens a hired gun for me, my wing brings me in set, i start gaming, do some sweeping dance moves, break to go to the patio.

    way later on in the night my wing & his gf/fb have left, i see the hired gun again, start talking, gaming, kino-ing basically massaging the lower back of her neck, she's likin it, good proximity, more dancing moves.

    all of a sudden (& what i think was another pua) taps her shoulder & introduces her to a buddy of his. she turns around to face him basically with her back to me. as soon as this is done, the intro guy leaves the set to let his buddy take care of her.

    her back's to me... am standing there..

    "am stealing you"

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    FR:Re-stealing the target

    Great report. This shows that you are calibrated. The reason being since she is a hired gun you can't just steal her away from every guy but with the great body language you can make her and every see that it is useless to try to steal her from you. Great illistration. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to more.

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    FR:Re-stealing the target

    yea dude, love the way you got her attention back.
    other dude probably felt like a tool.
    did he walk off, or did he just stand there staring at her back?

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    FR:Re-stealing the target

    he stood there for a bit staring at her back, mumbling in between, waiting for an opening - it never came he distanced himself from us after that

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    FR:Re-stealing the target

    Awesome field report bro, was that the blonde last friday at that new club? Confidence and competence is key and you have both. Great Job!!!!

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