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    Question about Flakes ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pentium View Post
    Everything is statistic. I should always run more game and collect more and more numbers in order that statisticly I will succed ?
    There are differing schools of thought. One school is the the quantity approach = the more phone numbers you get, the higher the probability that one will work out and won't flake. The other school is the quality approach = super-tight Game. You build enough attraction and comfort, so when you get the number she won't flake.

    My personal opinion is: the truth is somewhere in the middle. Build tight Game and approach a lot of girls. The more you keep doing both, eventually your success rate will increase.

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    Question about Flakes ?

    ^ Another good one Red, kudos.

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    Question about Flakes ?

    I concur with Big Johnson. Great post Red-C!

    The other thing is to create a bubble where only you and your target exist - isolation. I have come to see that isolation really isn't so much a physical move as it is an emotional "feeling."

    Become so locked-in with her that everything else vanishes (the music, the people, the room) - the only things that exist are you, her, and the vibe between you. Then do tight Game and her panties will hit the floor while you are running your material.

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    Question about Flakes ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Ceciro View Post
    Thanks Big John! 'Ppreciate it homie . . . how was your halloween? hopefully it was good ^^
    Pure sexcellent.. I was Fabio! Hope yours was well too my man.

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    Question about Flakes ?

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    Question about Flakes ?

    Arash is the man!!!!! I love all that guys podcasts/videos!

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    Question about Flakes ?

    Yea man, I've seen him in action and he just kills it infield.

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    Question about Flakes ?

    Really? I think "Inner Game"-wise he is a leader in the industry, but I always wondered about his ability to cold approach club game. He never talks about cold approaching, so I had my doubts.

    I have been a fan of his ever since Mystery endorsed him on this forum.

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