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    Do women like individualistic men?

    I was wondering if women like men who dress differently. I do not mean extreme, but just something different from all the IN brands.

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    Do women like individualistic men?

    Yep. Some women also like conformist men though. Here's the kicker.

    You can broadcast individualism and be very conformist.

    You can broadcast conformity and be very individualistic.

    Some women like a guy who looks unique, just for the scene and feel. Although the couple conforms very much to the "individualistic" scene. They seek a group, but not necessarily one that's the majority.

    Some women like a guy who looks like the majority. Although he's very eccentric. He believes truly in what the majority does not, not because he seeks uniqueness. He may look one way, but does not seek to be defined by a specific group.

    I think women want someone who's just, true.

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    Do women like individualistic men?

    The key here is STYLE. It doesn't matter what brands you wear (personally I think its better if you don't represent any brands). Its about the combination of clothes you wear, how you wear it, and how it reflects your personality.

    Girls like guys who care about themselves- if youre putting in some effort into making the way you look on the outside reflective of how you feel internally- you'll have the advantage.

    On the same token, if you look like some fool who's dressed to impress- you'll end up impressing no one.

    Heres some inspiration for you:

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    Do women like individualistic men?

    I like a man who's a non-conformist. I feel that they are confident and I find that attractive. Being individualistic expresses your personality and shows sincerity.

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    Do women like individualistic men?

    For me it depends on the feeling of the women. women varies in attitude.

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    Do women like individualistic men?

    Well there ya have it. Also... an individualistic man likes an individualistic women.

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