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    The NSM Reports: Setting up a Day 2 with HBLatina

    This past Thursday night four of us from the A-Team went out to have a going away party for one of our members, Sid. Sid has left us to join the Texas team, so we had to send him off right by getting him drunktarded.

    There was very little real gaming going on that night because there was lots of real drinking. I don't drink, so as usual it was up to be to be the DD and make sure the other guys didn't get themselfs into too much trouble.

    At one point in the night I decided to send the following text to a couple of the girls I've been gaming recently, "I thought about drunk texting you, but I've only had one shot tonight. So maybe I will in a couple of hours."

    I got positive responses from both the next morning, the following is via text between HBLatina and me. (Explination comments will be in parenthasies like this.)

    HBLatina, "Hey I never got my drunk text last night." (Her re-initiating the next day is a good IOI...)

    NSM, "I never got drunk. "

    HBLatina, "lol I know."

    HBLatina, "But I did!" (Two texts in a row in response to a text that needed no response is another good IOI...)

    NSM, "Yeah, how did that go?"

    HBLatina, "Great!!!"

    NSM, "What are you like when your drunk? Are you a fun drunk? Are you a mean drunk? Are you a horny drunk? Or what?" (Time to start moving things sexual...)

    HBLatina, "Fun n horny drunk. Thats why I went over my friends house last night. lol" (There is a strong implication here of what they did that night which I chose to ignor completely.)

    HBLatina, "I don't get too drunk where Im going to throw up just to feel good."

    NSM, "Hmmm... I might have to see you drunk one day then... That might be fun. " (Taking things sexual with my own implication...)

    HBLatina, "Hahaha u wish jk"

    NSM, "You are probably right, you couldn't handle me." (I DQed her and fliped the script on here here, making me the prize.)

    HBLatina, "Wow some one is cocky"

    NSM, "Hmmm... Confident, there is a difference. However you might prove me wrong. I've always found you to be spunk and bold yourself." (Here I decided to lift her back up and give her a chance to qualify herself, or just see how she reacts.)

    HBLatina, "" (This is a non-commital response... It's not negative, but it's not showing much interest either... Well, I am the prize, so I'll just move forward assuming she is interested. No where to go with this conversation thread so lets push for the Day 2.)

    NSM, "We need to hang out. have you ever heard of popingsu?"

    HBLatina, "What is that?"

    From there I described how popingsu is a special asian desert and seeded a day two for us going this coming week. I called her yesterday to work out the details and just shoot the shit/tease her a bit. I felt it was important to move things to an actual phone conversation here rather than continueing on through text to finish setting up the day 2.

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    The NSM Reports: Setting up a Day 2 with HBLatina

    Nice, i can't really tell what to do here, just encourage you to keep it up.
    It was a great review, and if you allow me, i would like to use some of the stuff you place here.
    True honor

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    The NSM Reports: Setting up a Day 2 with HBLatina

    This community is built on sharing man, so help yourself!

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