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    Generating emotions, relating to women

    I believe, to a man the whole game is about generating powerful emotions. Women crave emotions and they crave a guy who give them those emotions. Junkies, go figure. (kidding ladies)

    I remember when I was a total AFC, what I tried to do (and see many others try to do as well) is try to pass under the radar, like "how do I distract her from everything I'm doing, so she doesn't notice when I get in her panties" Yes: LMAO. What? Hoping she doesn't know you wanna fuck her? Women love sex, in my experience, more than men, and they so wanna be taken and fucked as hard as possible.

    If you're familiar with the chakra system (not necessary to my point), you may know that while sex is about the root chakra to men, women experience it in their navel chakras much more, which basically means one thing: to us sex is physical, to them it's emotional. In essence, to a woman there's not much of a difference between making love and having a sexual fantasy, or say listening to their favorite stand up comedian. Let me state this differently: no matter how good you are with using your dick, no matter how big it is, she's gonna orgasm faster, harder, and longer with no dick/no physical stimulation if you simply talk her into some wild fantasy.. Ask David Shade for details. The best tool you have is.. your voice.

    If you can direct her emotions powerfully, you are addictive my friend.
    So, I won't go into much detail, specifics don't matter, but what does matter is that you're a man, and you should know what that means.

    She will respond powerfully if you are leading. You should never follow. Don't be domineering, but be strong, decisive, give the direction. Also sexual. Sex talk is a must. Female essence is about nurturing, like taking care of the couple, while man essence is about giving a direction to the couple. Never forget the roles. Some of us are naturally sweet, sensitive, and really want to take care of our woman. I know I am that way. But you need to tone it down a bit, and if you're a bit too much of it, you can balance it with firmness. Women say they want a sensitive guy. But they don't, that is not attractive. They only want their emotions to be over the top, not yours. They want to surrender, but in order to feel secure in surrendering, they need to know a strong man is there to protect them. It's like when you're going out and wanna get drunk, but you also want to know that some friend of your won't drink and can drive you back home safely. Think of it as a hypnotist-patient relationship.. you need to know they know what they're doing, and you need to be able to surrender to them, which also means you know they are stronger and their frame always wins over yours. You basically can't be hypnotized by someone with a weaker frame, can't be done. Hypnosis is the same as taking someone else's frame.

    Key to men sexuality: leadership. Key to female sexuality: surrender. You stay centered in yourself, do not lean on the girl, you're the rock, she must know she can hold on to you in all safety. I repeat, do not lean on her. Showing emotions is ok, up to a certain point. Giving powerful emotions is not about your emotions however. Find ways to give emotions to them. What matters is the frame.

    Realize that, as I see a lot of men do especially when the relationship starts going downhill, if you're taking suggestions from a woman on how to make the relationship better, or how to please her better, you're basically being led, and she will be less attracted. In fact, what women generally think they want from a man, will get them less attracted. It doesn't mean not listening to her, but it does mean you must understand the nature of masculinity and femininity and understand you must lead, understand they do not know how to make you a better man because they are not men, they can't know. They could teach you how to be a better woman, maybe. Not good.

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    Generating emotions, relating to women

    I like this. The part about leading while not being domineering is right on. Also taking her advice while leading, and remaining in control. A strong woman is truly attracted to you by never having you fully pinned down and understood. While she may expect truth, strength, and honesty.. the level of energy and exactly what you'll come up with is still infinite within that context. There really is nothing more awesome then being with people who trust you.

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    Generating emotions, relating to women

    Couldn't agree more.. trust is everything.. and an aphrodisiac too
    I want to trust women too, but I know that I can trust them when they trust me to lead well, can't trust them when they are leading. They can't trust themselves to lead so..

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    Generating emotions, relating to women

    Another great post Buddy...Thx

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    Generating emotions, relating to women

    This came at the perfect time! Ties up a hole in my logic and understanding.


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    Generating emotions, relating to women

    LOL thanks guys.. I should re-read it myself.. cause I go from being super-attractive on some days to kinda AFC on some others, so yeah still working on it, there's still some insecurity somewhere I need to blast through, but it's cool.

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