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    Starbucks # Close

    Beautiful day today.... sun's out... I wanna go to a Starbucks, just relax, take in the ambiance, the music.... write out some stuff for the forum here....

    Smiles everywhere.... its just that kinda day....

    HBCashier... blond hair, drew barrymore-ish smile...

    My smile just opened her... i just pointed out to the beautiful day outside... she started talking more... i started riffing... then i realised - This was a Set.

    My 1st ever Hired Gun set

    I Neg her- is that your natural hair color

    riff riff riff

    You got a 'C' smile - 'C' vs 'U' smiles routine

    riff riff make fun of her name

    1st 3 animals that come to your mind routine

    riff riff

    tell her i get tickets to the museum for free, you should come along, what days are you generally free

    (smiles attached all along)

    give her my phone

    # Close

    feedback welcome

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    Starbucks # Close

    Did you get her # as well ?

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