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    How to maker her want me again

    Hello people! So here it goes:

    I met a girl 1 year ago. She lives in NY, I live in California.
    We just met once, we really liked each other, and after that day, we kept on talking via phone or e-mails or facebook and of course - msn.

    However, we were talking from time to time, but lots of hours, we had so many things in common, we enjoyed talking to each other. But it was more in a platonic way.
    I don't know how, but the last month and a half, we started talking sexually, she started to tell me she wants me, i was saying the same> we were making cyber sex, it was just amazing, and we were just looking forward with all our heart to meet and do everything together, even if it would be just for a short period of time.

    However, i started to lose control, i started to act JEALOUS, until one point she said she doesn't feel the same anymore, after i asked her why is she not talking to me like before. I started being needy, a wuss, you guys know the drill. I hate myself for that.

    Now when we had to meet for our "date" it's clearly that nothing will happen of what we were talking about. After i found this out, i told her that we shouldn't talk for some time, and she said fine and to let her know what i am ok with it.

    Of course, now i want to make her miss me and all that stuff.
    But how ca I basically win her back?
    You guys have any tips?

    Thanks in advance

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    How to maker her want me again

    Maybe you cannot get her to want you again.
    Maybe all you can do is learn how not to be needy. Maybe you can learn how to know when you are really hitting a wall and getting no IOIs and it is time to understand that the world is fill with other girls.
    What if you knew with 100% certainty that within the next two weeks you would definitely meet two other girls who are hotter, prettier and more compliant than the ex.... Would you still be pining over her?

    Now, think about your ex but from a frame set of plenty and future opportunity for yourself.

    Stop looking for solutions to old problems. That is not what the Venusian Arts are all about.
    Instead, think about how you can practice and develop those skills you need to get more girls with greater confidence in the future.

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    How to maker her want me again

    nice post

    well said Mr. Epicure

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