I met HBPromo about five months ago at a club in mid town. If you read the FR, she pretty much opened me and we had a nick quick interaction. Since then we have exchanged texts back and forth on occasion because she is a club promoter on her spare time. So she'll usually send me a mass text about the clubs she is promoting that weekend and every now and again I'll text her back and sometimes invite her to stuff I'm doing. Since meeting her, I never went to any of the things she promoted and she never came to anything I invited her too.

Recently, I had invited her to meet up with the A-Team at a bar and she said she was down and would text me when she got there. Unsurprisingly she flaked as she has in the past so the next day I sent her the following text... (I'll put side comments in like this.)

NSM: So I never put your last name into my phone, and I think I'm just going to put you as HBPromo Flake now. (Opening with a teasing DQ for her flaking again.)

HBPromo: Wow

HBPromo: U in same boat. U never come to where I'm at :-P

NSM: The difference is that I say that I'm not coming then stay true to my word.

HBPromo: I intended on coming.

HBPromo: At least I try.

NSM: I'm a big fan of how well you respond to teasing. Did you grow up with older brothers? (I made a statement of interest because she does always have a come back and I like that. Then I made a cold read to guess as to how she got that way.)

HBPromo: No, I'm the oldest. 1 younger sister. I'm just a boss

NSM: I don't think I should keep talking to you. We are too much alike and would fight all the time. (False dis-qualifier...)

HBPromo: Hahaha. Maybe. Or maybe we'll entertain each other?! (IOI!)

HBPromo: Wht's ur sign? (Oh girls and their love of astrology...)

NSM: I'm an Aquarius. The water bearer, yet it's an air sign... That never made sense to me. What's yours? (Right after I sent this I knew I could have done this better. I should have said, "What's your sign? And please don't say xxx." to add a cold read and DQ.)

HBPromo: Scorpio (And I so would have said, "And don't say Scorpio!" ah well, hindsight and all that...)

NSM: Let's see what the big book has to say about us... "Hard work, but often worth it. Restrictions are stripped away and there's nothing to keep them from individual success. An abiding sexual attraction sustains them through inevitable rough patches." Huh, the only part of that I would have guessed was the rough patches... (The big book I was referring to is Sextrology. So I DHVd by sowing knowledge of astrology (even though I straight quoted a book) then playfully DQed again.)

HBPromo: lol

NSM: Yeah but I should stay away. You Scorpios have your sting... But usually your just hard on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. (Credit Bravo's Scorpio cold read...)

HBPromo: lol u might b right (IOI!)

NSM: Let's find out. I have a physiological game we can play that will reveal a lot of deep aspects of your personality. Let's get some Suno on Wednesday and we'll do it. Unless you will still flake on me with a week's notice? (After that last bit, I figured I might as well go for a day 2 so I seeded the cube, a specific cool desert place, and a specific day. Then another playful DQ/challenge.)

(Then she didn't respond for over an hour so I figured I'd lost it.)

NSM: I guess that's a no. Ah well.

HBPromo: I'm at office

HBPromo: Gotta see what's going on Wed...but most likely will b good

HBPromo: Never been to Suno

NSM: Ok cool. It's this unique Korean desert place where they do shaved skim milk with sauces and toppings. (Knowing the cool special places to go is a DHV.)

HBPromo: Where is this

NSM: There are two locations, one near my place, near Emory, and one off Pleasant Hill.

HBPromo: Emory is better. I'm in the city and don't really like driving far out

NSM: The PH location is better. Why don't you come to my place then I'll drive us there from here. I'll get you my address and directions the day before. (Again, time to lead, and be the man who makes specific decisions as to what we are doing.)

HBPromo: Ok, sounds like a plan.

I texted her more the day before the day 2 to confirm things and she ended up not wanting to drive out to me with traffic. So we changed plans to meet at her place in the city and go to an ice cream place there that is the best. I told her, "Their salted caramel ice cream is amazing. It's like afterglow." I also teased her on her just trying to get me to her place. I would have really preferred to stick with the plans we had due to better logistics and such, but it was a case where I either had to change or lose the day 2.

The day 2 itself was nothing amazing. My main issue was not being able to kino escalate much. There was quite a bit of time in the car and I couldn't really kino escalate much at the ice cream place. At the ice cream place I sat right next to her so there would be more incidental kino and give me more opportunities, but she kept moving slightly away and not reciprocating much. Looking back, I probably should have done a kino routine like the ring routine or a palm read but I didn't get around to it. In any case she was still cool and we seeded a day 3 so we'll see what happens. Even just making her a real friend would be cool because I'm sure she has other cute girl friends and can get the hook up on tickets and such.