Hey guys,

Had an awesome first real night out gaming. Started at the uni surf club, things were going really good with an HB 8 i met the other week at the beach. She's french and just came here so doesnt really know many people. got some really good flirting on the go and she introduced her english friend who was an HB 8 as well and she joined in the fun. There was also this guy following the two of them about. When everyone started leaving i invited them to come to another bar just up the road next to my flat. when we were outside the bar i told them just to go inside while i went upstairs to my flat (to wash my sweaty armpits haha) ended up eating some pizza and came down 10 minutes later. When i went down to the bar they were not there. I got the french girls number at the surf club meet so i gave her a call and her friend answered saying they went to a club round the corner. Before this point i was on fire! but this is when the chasing started. went to the club and the hunt began. looked for them for 10 minutes and eventually found them. They were probably a bit drunker and i was a bit less drunk and the flirty vibe had gone a bit stale and i lost my pace. Should have not left them for so long. and everything turned on its head and ended when the energy was so low they excused themselves to leave. My ex was out tonight as well probably getting her game on so mabye i was just too desperate for an outcome? not sure.

Wow its pretty tough trying to describe a night out because there are so many factors which affect your game and i could write a book listing all of the DHV/DLVS that took place.

Anyway im off to bed!