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    Where to go for first time sarging

    So my friend and I both read the game a while back and now we kinda want to go sarge at some clubs to finally give PU a try. However we just turned 18 this summer so we dont know much about what kinds of clubs to go to. We live in Houston TX and I've only been to a club once (Rich's) and the music was so loud I wonder how could I go talk to a girl if I cant even hear myself. So the question is does anyone know any good clubs to sarge at for first timers, and if you have any tips for wingman routes.

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    Where to go for first time sarging

    Hahaa, yes, a lads holiday you want, cool. For that you'll want to go to either; Magalouf, Malia, Gran Canary or Ibiza, hit the holiday for 2 weeks, flat out. You will have the best time of your life, and you will learn quickly!!

    Loud club solution is vocal tonality, body language and confidence in both!

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    Where to go for first time sarging

    Anywhere women gravitate towards in non pressurized settings is good for those starting out. Its harder to learn club game if your voice isn't trained.. but its possibly easier.

    Getting girls actually isn't difficult.. getting yourself the right thinking is the problem.

    Gladiators fought to the death.. why is this relevant you may ask?

    Well Gladiators were common men who were slaves tossed in a cage and the methods to survive were learned by there fierceness. They embraced themselves and they became lions.. why are you any different?

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