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    F-close tonight!?...but how..

    Hey guys. I have been working very hard on my game sagging night after night. I do work a lot, however, I am putting time in... Thanks to some advice I've gotten I never gave up when rejection was at an all time high. Now I can open any set with confidence disarm obstacles and the girls just become attracted! It's crazy I'm so comfortable now.. Here's where im at, I met this hb8.5 and the intro and everything went great my wing I told him just to talk to the other girl for a minute (she was drunk so had a very short attention span from what he told me) thank god that's all I needed I told some DHV stories escalated kino then push and pulled my way to her offering to hang out that night. I didn't want to lose value or run out of routines so I said I'd meet her later. Later came bar was closed(number closed 3 other girls) and she was hovering over me while I was talking to this girl, I said "are u stalking me?" playfully of course. Then she asked me about a magic trick I showed her with a coin.. One I designed to kino escalate... She wanted to see it again, (I pulled a style) "I'm not a dancing monkey" besides its been a long night and I like sleep, (I started to literally walk away, I turned back) I said, U can split a cab with me if u promise to behave... Now here is where my game lacks and I need your help... We got back and I didn't get hardly any LMR at first. Till we were both naked. She gave me head. I heated her up, then right when i pull out a condom she says. What are u doing? I said I only fuck with condoms.. She says no I mean I just met u... I froze man. She took me back to her place I couldnt turn only light and check my email. I didn't know what to do I left said I would call her later... Never did. She texted me today asking if I wanted to hang, I said I promised myself I was gonna watch a movie I have wanted to see in a long time she said yes! Now was that a good move? And wtf do I do man? Help me out. I have never needed the help more haha!! I'm sure u been there

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    F-close tonight!?...but how..

    Go hang out with her,since she took the initiative to chat with you, that means she's deeply attracted to you, and she regret for not having sex with you. Her mindset: She wants to be with you. However, she may want to have sex but not sure,cause she just met you.

    So what to do? Go drag her to your bedroom. Before you escalate, talk about you calling her tomorrow, hanging out with her,or some other interaction in the future. Just to show her you're a guy who'll ''fuck and leave''.Even if you're, it'll still make her feel better for just saying it.
    Get close to her and keep playing with her hair, stay close to her as you chat with her. In around 5 min or more, she'll feel extremely turned on. She'll feel compelled to do something intimate--kissing, touching...
    You just go and escalate,kiss her,touch her boobs,etc. Then you pullout the condom. If she doesn't say anything, just f-close her. If she say'' No'', you say'' I guess you're right, we shouldn't be doing this'' and turn around, act busy doing something. The point is for you to say ''no sex'' when she is turned on. Now she'll the need to chase you. She'll iniatiate a conversation or do something to get your attention, now you just f-close. If she hesitate again, say ,'' Well, we really shouldn't be doing this.'' Then leave the bedroom, and go to living room or kitchen... This way you're punishing her for her bad behavior, she'll feel dumped. 5min later, you come back,now you kiss her,touch her, and slowly f-close her.

    Good luck!

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    F-close tonight!?...but how..

    Hey thanks for the suggestions strength I will def use all of it as I attempt to slove my problem. I actually blew her off last night and I told her the weekends are usually more my hang out times I said I forgot but I promised a friend of mine I would help her move... She wasn't excited but said "are we gonna hang out on the weekend" I said I still have to watch that movie I told myself I would, that's my first priority but u are invited to join me if u'd like but I wanna be in bed by midnight".

    I felt this was an ok move only I was not sure if I should get a group thing going first then say "I'm gonna go watch that movie"
    Think she will join?.. Or would u say " let's go watch that movie"?

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    F-close tonight!?...but how..

    Just retain your masculinity and dignity!

    From what i've read, she had her chance but you had yours too. The 'condom' issue was her final shit test 'i'm not really like this even though we've touched-down on ever possible base there is'!!

    And at base 9.5 when you 'froze' after her rhetorical comment (which really was her inner female crying out for your inner man to justify the situation).

    Perhaps you should have tried A.Lyons' method of "if you still don't feel this is right after 5 seconds you can say stop and i'll stop" and then got your tongue on turbo mode, everwhere!!

    It died on its ass.

    So i wouldn't persue this any further and move on. It will only be awkward in future.

    BUT, if she persists and you feel like heeding the persistance then make it clear you're busy but can make a little time for her whenever you have chance.

    If you find yourself in said situation ever again (her bailing at base 9.5) then be straight with her. Ask her what the deal is because she's not the only girl who you could be investing your time and night with, if you're a little pissed then don't hide it.

    It may seem asshole-like! Its not, its you retaining your masculinity.

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    F-close tonight!?...but how..

    Wow I've been in a VERY similar situation not too long ago.

    Here's how I resolved it. I figured I may just as well forget trying to shag the woman, and I'll just use her as a pivot in clubs. So for 2 weeks I'd invite her out to clubs, use her as a pivot, open sets (or not) and hang out with her for late supper afterwards. I noticed that progressively over the next couple of days, she would do strange things like wrap her arms around me while we're inside the club, cling strongly onto my arm, cockblock other women from talking to me and so on. This happened from the subtle to the super mega obvious...and fair enough she was making out with me in the car a couple of nights later and I pulled her back to my place and the rest is history. I guess there are a couple of lessons there !

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