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    Coloring my nails

    Hey guys i thought about coloring my nails. I think black is too monotonous and it would be like copying Mistery.

    I thought about this collor:

    What you think ? Ofc any sugestions are welcome!

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    Coloring my nails

    Looks good to me, I have done it a couple of times. The only thing you have to do is back it up with a good story on why you painted your nails and why that particular colour. In my experience 1 in 7 sets ask me about my nails.

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    Coloring my nails

    Yea i thought about that.

    But you did the similar colour ? I mean i never saw anybody with this kind of collor...Who is str8 I like it.

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    Coloring my nails

    This color is so beautiful.I also like this color so much.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Coloring my nails

    I agree that the most important thing is to have a good story behind it.
    And this applies to all peacocking; I recently bought a maasai (african tribe) necklace because I have been in Tanzania and Kenya when I was 13 yrs old; I tell ppl it's a souvenir and that it was one of the greatest experiences in my life (wich is actually true, I've really been there but back then I was more interested in buying a slingshot :P) and I start a DHV story about my safari, and I have lots of them.

    Just make sure u have a nice story to tell and that your style (or avatar) is congruent with it.

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    Coloring my nails

    this color is not so bad. but you can try the following color for nail

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    Coloring my nails

    i rarely paint my nails, but when i do, its dark blue, looks black in dark, brights as blue in black light.
    my back story? i just came from some girlfriends house and we were all playing a game and the one who lost, would have to go and club that night without makeup. me being a man, that didnt made sense, so what i got was my finger nails painted.

    lots of preselection value, never failed

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