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    Social Circle Game

    Most guys before they get into this either dont get laid or only get laid in their social circle. My question is, why dont they just get a better social circle to get the better girls? Surely it can only aid you.

    It is great to have the ability to walk up to a total stranger and create attraction. But it seems to me that too many guys on here are afraid of befriending hot girls because there has been a myth created that being in the friend zone at all is bad. This means like every set is do or die, and from what ive seen usually its die.

    Unless you're game is really really good, the easiest way you're going to meet girls is through your social circle. Yet I just dont see many guys utilising this, even though its glaringly obvious. If you've got a handle of good solid girl friends and you're a socially calibrated guy, your girls will talk you up to their friends and they will take an interest in you. The guys who naturally sleep with the most women and the highest quality women are doing it through their social circle. They may not explicitly know these girls but they've seen them around at a few functions etc so getting over the initial hurdles are easy. Having these girls in your social circle also means you dont have to hit on them there and then, you can create a bit of mystery, then move off knowing you will see them soon anyway. Do or die has gone.

    Ive hit up girls i met at parties months ago on facebook, and even if we only have a few mutual friends, it gets you away from "that weird guy" feeling she might have about you if you're coming in cold. This works especially well if you've got quality friends in common. From there you've got something in common and shes much more likely to meet up with you and you can escalate pretty quickly.

    As long as you keep those girl friends relationships mostly platonic. Its actually easy because as long as your friends with a sociable girl, you can have access to so many other girls.
    Like i was on a night out the other day with one of my girl friends, and she brings along two of her good friends, so when i go and say hi, these girls already know me and are like "we've heard so much about you" etc...from there its easy. Im in a club with 3 hot girls, which is one great social proof and secondly to two of these girls im new and mysterious and as one of them proved i was mysterious enough to hook up with. Her mum happened to be a celebrity which was a bit of a surprise but thats another story. The best thing is, you dont have to exchange numbers with the girls because they can find you on facebook.

    The key is actually having a good relationship with your girl friends, like honestly personally im not interested in having sex with these girls even though they're hot. I think maybe if you secretly lusted after them it could ruin in the dynamic. I only say this because you dont want to be drunkenly trying it because girls talk about everything and if you fuck up and confess your undying love for this girl, you're done.

    This leads me onto another thing. Guys. If you want to lay girls in a social circle become buddies with the guys, they will get you into all the key places you need to be and you can bet your bottom dollar all the hot girls are in these places too. But remember these guys arent going to befriend you if you're a boring lame guy, be socially intelligent. Most guy social groups do have a reason, for example they're all into a certain type of music or something. These guys are usually good with girls, use that to your advantage because there will be lots of girls hanging around them trying to get a look in.

    Overall I'd say this, work out who your friends are, who the key people you need to know are, facebook has made this so much easier. Perhaps find a promoter/host and work your way into his social circle because thats where the hot girls you are approaching are anyway. Why not just make it easier on yourself?

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    Social Circle Game

    i agree .. if you're not getting laid. try making friends that are girls first.
    then don't ask them to get you laid.
    demonstrate you're a cool guy.
    they will either fuck you, or find someone who will fuck you.
    make yourself into their little side-project.

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    Social Circle Game

    Yeah man, im at a loss to why more guys dont run this kind of game, its easier and its where the hottest girls are, its like they want spend their life cold approaching.

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    Social Circle Game

    The problem comes in if no girl in your social circle is attractive and no body in your social circle has connections to hotties (or at least hotties that are qualified). Qualified meaning no kids, no emotional baggage, being in the right age group etc.

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