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    Getting a girl who is cool with Pick Up

    I went through 8 girls before I finaly found one that can accept what I do

    How to get a girl who is cool with you approaching other women

    1) she can't have strong jelousy issues or some kind of mood disorder where she takes pills

    2) you have to demonstrate that pick up means a lot to you.. for me it is a passion.. and i made it very clear to her that no woman will step in between me and my passion

    3) when you explain to her what it is about, it should all come from a place of giving value.. if you are explaining taking value scenerios.. she will definetly not be cool with it

    4) assure her that you actually do like her a lot and you wouldn't want to lose her

    5) come out with it early in the relationship so it doesn't come out as you were hiding it for a while

    6) set the rules to how it would be when you guys are dating.. (for me I set the rules as I wan't to approach, flirt, and kino.. for studying purposes, but I reallt don't need to study sex and kissing with other women.. when I can get that from my girl.. so I won't cheat on her.. it is not neccesarry for me) you guys can adjust this to meet your needs.. if you want to go for an open relationship try to set it up like that... like I said I went through 8 women to find 1.. this is not a technique to trick a woman to be your girlfriend.. this is simply a filtering proccess to see if she can roll with you

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    Getting a girl who is cool with Pick Up

    You're lucky you found a girl who's cool with you picking up other girls!

    Most women I meet get jealous and protective if they see me or even find out that I interact with other girls.

    Cool post

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    Getting a girl who is cool with Pick Up

    thanks man.. honestly I think it can work for everyone.. as long as your cool with it she will be too

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