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    Why do white women like black men?

    I don't wanna come of as racist or anything. I've spent a year in Africa and I loved it. I live in Europe and I always wonder why white european women who are financial independent, who have friends and family and who are well integrated in society, like black men. These men are usually not financial independent, are not integrated into society, barely speak the language and often don't even have a residence permit.
    I'm going on a limb here but from my experience, those women are unstable and obviously searching for something. That's all I can come up with.
    Well, that is all very stereotypical but you get the point.

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    Why do white women like black men?

    I personally grew up in a rather racial home, well I'm with a black girl right now. All I can say is.. I am happy with what I have.

    Its up to you to define such things.. my world has no color.. just people.

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    Why do white women like black men?

    As a young black male i can say that your perceived opinion of black guys is a little unfair. I hope if you see me with a lovely women of the white persuasion you wouldnt think i was some uneducated immigrant!

    But from what ive noticed is that girls of all races like a bit of something different occasionally, they dont have to see a guys pay check or how integrated they are into society to just have a bit of fun.

    Maybe they're searching for a guys whos not going to pussy foot their way around them and just "ARAGGGGH BAM" them!

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    Why do white women like black men?

    Women like what is dangerous and risky, at times. When I was in college, I discovered that Japanese girls liked me more than their Japanese male friends. When I am in Cuba, because I speak Spanish fluently, but with a New York accent, I am a novelty and women there like that.

    The more important questions are, why do you feel, perhaps, some resent,net that women might choose men other than what you are?


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    Why do white women like black men?

    I have also seen good looking black guys with fat white chicks so it really depends and there is no clear answer.

    maybe its a few different things:

    -big kong dong / sexuality
    -attention given
    -access to resources / social network
    -different (act differently than most they have been with)
    -family/cultural background and beliefs

    it really all depends. Im caucasion but am getting really turned off from US girls. Especially after divorce I am just looking for friends or partners and if there is anything long term I would prefer a european, asian, thai, south american because for the most part those cultures have strong family values and committment.


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