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Thread: Natural game!!!

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    Natural game!!!

    Well obviously im never going to change your mind on this but i feel MM encourages guys to have false persona when 'natural game' is trying to remove all the crap thats holding you back. i think its worth trying both to see what makes you comfortable.

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    Natural game!!!

    Well, obviously I'm never gonna convince you otherwise either, lol, but that's a false impression of MM. But then again, those that are blind for so long are usually that way by choice.

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    Natural game!!!


    I believe MM is not just a bunch of routines and openers, its the M3 model, its a map taking you from point A to point B. Using routines or not. This model is not something mystery just invented, its the backwards engineering of attraction and seduction itself. It tells you how to get there, its your choice how you get there, natural game or not

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    Natural game!!!

    "What man can move when he doubts all he is. If you can get it all to "Click" you will over the course of saying and experiencing all these things start feeling it.. it becomes you.. you are the embodiment of "Game".. it is what you do, you feel, what you believe every minute. Not to let yourself reject yourself.. not to let the girl reject you if she doesn't see you for what your best is.. do you not hear this? Its all there natural, scripted.. it makes no difference.

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    Natural game!!!

    It's all Game, even naturals play the Game it makes no difference. What's the confusion here? If you don't have the wits about you to switch things up when you get more advanced then there is a problem. MM is designed for a man to become a Natural how you say, with time you devolpe your own routines and openers and rarely using canned rountines. I was out cougar hunting one evening and just popped up with "Look, I'm having a problem I dream of Genie or Bewitched?" Got laid that night. A strong man will always know who he is and not get lost in some character he has created.

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    Natural game!!!

    MM is not about being false.
    Canned Routine are like practicing musical scales and transcribing the solos of great players in order to learn to play jazz.

    There is a principle in NLP that any skill any human can do, another human can learn if they can just model the expert.

    It really is not the content of the canned routine which is important.
    It is the delivery. Memorizing a routine frees you up to practice delivery.

    MM is not made up falseness. It really is the end result of Mystery's work reverse engineering the successes of naturals and his own successes.

    What was also discovered is that Naturals also use canned material. Consciously or unconsciously, they repeat the same stories. For example, I learned all then classic canned routines taught in the Venusian Arts boot camp. Then, after I mastered them, I began to develop and practice my own stories.

    The end result of all that practice is confidence, not falseness. It is just like how someone learns tom play jazz. You practice then standards and classics until you develop your own voice.


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    Natural game!!!

    ok guys im open to suggestion, educate me on why i should use canned material over the lovely stuff my brain comes up with, it doesnt seem like a contest. But i agree as long as you're not manipulating a woman and putting your best foot forward it doesnt matter. My issues with MM stem from M3 model itself, life isnt A1, A2 etc and i feel seeing everything in those terms takes someone out of the moment and into their head. Its about more than results.

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    Natural game!!!


    Im far from being a Venusian Artist but from what I understand is that A1, A2, A3, C1, C2, C3, S1, S2, S3, are not things that mystery invented just to fill his method up with fancy words, they are names of steps that occur naturally in an interaction, be it natural or not. Although many interactions could begin in any of these. A Venusian Artist would know how to navigate that map using his own ship(uncanned stuff) or a premanufactured ship(canned stuff) they both lead the same place lol

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    Natural game!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Digits View Post
    With natural game there is no need to remember routines, its all about vibe, body language and being socially intelligent. I feel routines come across a ingenuine and frankly deceptive but with natural game the situation is very important. Natural game can be direct or indirect.

    for example in day game, some guys actually go up to a girl and tell her they like her rather than asking what he favourite ice cream is, then running the cube on her, then ploughing some more insincere BS!

    correct, you don't need to remember routines- because you're telling real stories about your life.

    it's ok to tell a girl you think she's pretty. but as digits said, the situation is very important.

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    Natural game!!!

    I think the argument comes down to a differing in point perceived as the end. If you're just trying to bang everything that moves routines are fine. But im a romantic so i prefer relationships to develop organically, surely after a while PUA persona has to be dropped? Unless you become that persona, but who wants to be the 'pick up guy?' Maybe its because im in love or have 'oneitis' that i feel that way.

    ok out of interest what would you say the weaknesses in the MM are? (and no reframing just be legit)

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