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    Online Game

    So For a while I was trying several opening emails on dating sites. Datings sights I think are the best places to try online game because when your doing something right the girls praise you for it because they have soooo many d-bags telling them stupid shit in emails like "your so hot lets hook up" or "whats up"

    First things first BE UNIQUE and they will love you for it. Its even 10 times better to leave a really unique subject line. There was a HB8 on her profile she had a picture heading saying my duck face. So, in the subject like to her i put "you had me at duckface" used my opener hooked her interested. heres the beginning of our conversation

    Subject: you had me at duckface!
    To: Sare~Bare
    Sent Date: 5/22/2011 2:28:43 PM
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    soo say this guy, found this girl on this website and thought she seemed pretty kick ass. like the kind of girl you see in movies that lives life to the fullest and to me I love that kind of personality. BUT this guy doesn't quite know how to get a unique email out to catch her eye and take her away from all these fluzzies, yes I did just say fluzzies. but anyways say this guy emails you and says his name is Jesse its hard to describe myself over the internet but he would really pretty much like to get to know you. you could blow him off. Or you could say...___________________ yeah fill in the blank

    HER:That's the most unique email i think ive ever gotten...

    Me: haha thank you! btw you are soo much prettier then a ducks face. Amazing smile. Oh yeah I have 6 tats myself want more but you know how that goes. tell me a little more about yourself?

    Her: aww well thank you... what would you like to know? Better yet Text me ##########

    Number closed and didn't even ask for it!

    That opener I used has gotten me so many instant replies and its because its unique. I can't keep you from stealing my thunder but i wanted to give some of you an example of a good unique email. Heres several Responses word for word from my replies some of the girls have sent me.

    "Haha your Msg just made me lol do you have a facebook let me look you up on there"

    "That is the most unique email I've ever gotten! "

    "Lol. That was funny. How are you doing today?"

    "Lol i think she would say that that was a very interestin way to say hello and ur
    email caught her eye and outta 51 new messages urs was the few of 3 she actually
    read and I think she would say nice to meet u I'm Gabrielle" btw she was a hb10 hooked her perfectly but couldnt close her. "damn!"

    Yes you will get some shallow women on dating sites if your picture isn't there standards you have to be really good with words to get a reply back.

    P.S In online game you do have to open with a little flattery and be a little bit cocky. One girl didnt give me the response i want she just said that my email was unique. i told her that hers wasnt and ill giver her another shot to reply to my email. She emailed me right back with more interest in me

    This is my first full report so far for sharing my methods hope you all liked it feel free to comment!

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    Online Game

    trying this out, will be back with results.

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    Online Game

    I like how it has some NLP in it. Very good.

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    Online Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Revolt View Post
    you could blow him off.
    Damn right. She could blow the two of us off. LMAO

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    Online Game

    Hmm. I can see this working - but not for smarter girls. The smart girls will know it's a copy/paste e-mail.


    Because it doesn't have anything inside it that's directly tied to their profile (besides the title). A smarter girl (the only type I date) won't fall for it - unless you tailored it to somehow include a statement about something you could either a. relate to, or b. comment on from her profile.

    *most* women on dating sites (the ones who aren't easy) will want to know that you actually took the time to read what they had to say. That's why adding a comment about them really works well - as long as it's done in a push/pull, cocky confident kind of way.

    Don't get me wrong, what you said isn't TOO bad, I can definitely see this working. But you won't have a huge reply ratio, not as huge as when you're being genuine.

    That's why I don't advocate messages like this, they're too fake. Messages that are real and uniquely thought out that pull the right attraction switches are the type that REALLY work amazing to generate responses.

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    Online Game

    Damn Jack when did you start posting here?

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    Online Game

    Hey Jack, sorry bout the long time to reply to this. I just want to say you are right about the smarter girls. What i showed here was the basic structure of the opening email i send. I make sure to read the girls profile thuroughly and add/subtract to the basic structure posted on here with things ive learned from their profile or what kind of person they are. doing this has gave me a big reply rate its worked pretty flawlessly for me when done right and personalized.

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    Online Game


    Thanks for sharing.

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    Online Game

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    Online Game

    Spam be gone!

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