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    Facebook for dummies

    This was inspired by a thread in here. Someone was asking about why some girl didn't respond well to him over Facebook's chat system.

    Hey, people ain't on Facebook because of you, they are probably already talking to some friend they've known for 15 years, some don't like to IM off Facebook much either, some are busy or not in the mood. And if she's just answering straight with no coop, just means you're not stimulating her emotions enough. Enough said about that specific.

    Realize that unlike IM which used to be my thing, Facebook is enormously different a game - your profile, your friends, everything about you makes a difference. You can hardly be entertaining enough on Facebook chat to cover up for having a boring profile, boring stupid posts like 99,9% of people on facebook, or having strange details like having 5 friends (you'd think it just says you're new but generally, accounts with few friends are scams, fake profiles or just boring people to talk to), or having any other sort of incongruency. Basically, you can't fool anyone over the chat about being a rockstar if your whole profile says otherwise.

    Tried and tested truth is: unlike IM, you ain't picking up girls with the chat on facebook, you must get them to absolutely love you publicly, on your wall and theirs.
    I remember when I started, I was very cool on IM, but I was very poor at relating to people in general. I was interesting, so interesting it would make up for me being a social retard, in 101s, but in groups it would never work. Your ass gets amoged, negged and fire-shittest as soon as you get it out there, and they will hurt you if you don't pull your act together.

    So, 101 was great but in reality I sucked and when you are interacting with a 400 friends list, that shit comes floating. If you get people to disrespect you, or more simply, if no one gives a shit about your profile, it's dead, and divine chat abilities won't fix it.

    When dealing with groups, you're either a charismatic, powerful, respected leader of all your friends, and have people sucking up to you like your page was a rockstar's fan club, or you ain't getting any.
    Think you can just add people, chat with them a couple of minutes and try to set up a meet or ask for a phone number? Think again. Most cool girls won't even accept your friendship requests.
    Realize, you ain't hitting on a girl, you're crowd-seducing. Flirt publicly, that will make you more attractive to most. Don't go for private right away.

    So yeah, on facebook, main factor is having massive validation.
    Second best factor to have is having all the right traits. For example, spare them the hateful stuff, spare them your negative feelings and criticizing of others, share some loving, appreciate others and make them feel good about themselves. Nothing pays more than people feeling good about themselves, thanks to YOU! You don't want to bed them all. Some are guys, some are nice old ladies you enjoy chatting to once in a while. Still, giving value to all of them is what gets you that massive validation you want publicly.
    On facebook, as in life, you get what you give, just in greater amounts. Give them love, value and teachings. Share stuff that will inspire them.

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    Facebook for dummies

    I almost forgot, Facebook is full of trolls and especially full of people who think negging and amoging is funny, and they do that to their best friends as well. So get yourself respected, get rid of those "friends", know when to say "enough" and how to. Also, don't waste too much time with leeches. People insanely boring that spread all over your wall while they have nothing of value to share. They aren't giving you validation by talking to you, they're feeding on yours.

    Feel free to add and/or ask anything. Hope this helps.

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    Facebook for dummies

    I should tell you that if you're good at writing and you just want to meet some girls fast, Facebook is NOT the right place for you. Try IM.

    Facebook takes at least a couple of months starting with a profile new when you're very good at it already, to get results. It's cumulate, you build it from the ground and it feels great. If you're in it just for the girls, again it may not be worth it. But if you love facebook and the social possibilities it offers, and not just seduction, if you'd be on facebook regardless of PUArts, then you can reap this kind of rewards as well. I find that Facebook is a great tool for growing with other people, socially and otherwise.

    EDITED: Seems the title is offensive to some people here, so they won't comment or help expand this. Should have called it "Facebook for smart guys". LOL

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    Facebook for dummies

    I've been sarging myearbook and okcupid, and it's starting to pay off now that I'm back into my natural game. However, my facebook has 1 picture, and completely empty (I delete any sort of update). I'm starting to add girls from myb/okcupid to my FB, and I tell em that I only have it to keep in touch with old friends (which is true), but I have a feeling a completely bare profile is going to fuck me over eventually. What would you say is the bare minimum I need on there to keep from looking like a total loser?

    I don't sarge on Facebook, however I'm now using it to keep track of girls by friend groups which is awesome lol. My issue is privacy. In reality I don't even want a Facebook, but I know it's basically essential. I was thinking about adding some quality status updates periodically - maybe once a week, and taking some good pics of me out doing stuff, maybe one with preselection, and leaving it at that, outside of commenting here and there on other peoples stuff.

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    Facebook for dummies

    Well, problem with other services (okcupid, myearbook) is that they work in the US. Facebook is all over the world. Some countries don't really have a good alternative to facebook.

    I'd say, take a few minuts and fill in the Info tab on facebook, add at least some movies, music, books etc. But I think you either go all the way or not at all. You either do facebook or you don't, don't just risk damaging yourself =)
    Preselection on facebook, you don't get that with what you say, you do get some with pictures, but you easily get it when your friends leave some nice comments on your wall. I have been doing this with just a couple of pics, with no preselection, and I don't look like a model or anything either. I used to do it with no pictures at all. I do see how nice pictures do help!

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    Facebook for dummies

    I'm really thinking about remaking my facebook. After my relationship I pretty much fell out with all my friends, and now I'm looking to start a completely fresh social circle. My thing on pics right now is I don't have any I like and every time I try I fail miserably at taking them lol. I'll probably wait till I get a few good pics and some over-active friends on facebook, and then really do it up, just skew everything a bit lol. Thank's for the tips though.

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    Facebook for dummies

    Last year I deleted an account with over 600 contacts. Now I'm at about 240 friends, and keep deleting the annoying ones. You know, my kingdom, my laws, and they must bow to my divinities xD

    Anyway, I uploaded like a couple hundred pictures I liked but not pictures of me. Most are about interests, movies, music and other stuff. Only a few pics of me. I don't think it's a problem.

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    Facebook for dummies

    I have something to add here Ramm. As for your ''updates'' I've noticed people post a lot of "Bored, Hit me up" "Ugh.. I'm so tired" etc... basically, typical statuses like these don't portray value, but they get responses. My question is, I NEVER post lame status updates as these, it usually is something witty, cool, something to learn, things I like doing, but the responses never flood in, which lowers my chances I believe.

    Since you seem like you know about FB, care to share your thoughts about what I wrote?

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    Facebook for dummies

    Hey MrVato, you sure got a point. I overlooked that because for me it is obvious that one should be either an entertainer or interesting in some way. But you're right, a lot of eople don't know so we should make it explicit.
    Also, not only must it not be boring, but generally there should be no negative emotion, especially about self. If you are bored or sad, people will stay away from you. You must share what people want to be like themselves but maybe they can't. I generally don't use facebook for sharing moods at all, but anyway.. you may be different!

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    Facebook for dummies

    I mean hell, I've been talking about my past lives on facebook lately.. c'mon, you can be less boring than having moods. A buddha being has no moods. Be interesting!

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